Call for the mailbag

semerson@macon.comNovember 18, 2013 

I believe it was the great Candyman, the one-hit rap wonder from 1991, who uttered the phrase: "We ask the questions, you give the reply."

Which brings us to the mailbag. As always, please submit your question, or concern seeking comment, or whatever, by e-mailing me at, tweeting at me at @sethemerson, or posting in the comment section below.

Candyman also said: "I'm on the ground, down on my knees, like James Brown, singing please, please."

So I'm also on my knees, begging everyone to please consider a humble request: Please keep your question (or comment) as focused as possible. The mailbags this year have tended to go pretty long, and I'm looking to shorten them a bit. But I do want to answer as many questions as possible.

One other note: Because of time constraints I'll almost certainly have to forego the "second glance" feature, analyzing the Georgia-Auburn game after re-watching the TV copy. It's a popular feature, but it also takes awhile, and there's a time crunch this week. But if you have specific questions about the game, I do have the game on the DVR and am happy to scroll through and try an answer.

I'll also have a live chat this Friday at noon, if you want to save your query for then. Otherwise ... fire away.

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