AC promotes Socks for Soldiers program

November 15, 2013 

We’ve just celebrated Veterans Day, which is a very important holiday to me. I love any holiday associated with soldiers and patriotism. I love my country, I respect the people who protect our country, and I admire the people who gave their lives so we may all live in safety in this great nation.

My nonprofit group Central Georgia CARES feels the same way about our military. That’s why we teamed up with Stein Mart in Macon last weekend on their Socks for Soldiers program to do our part in helping soldiers with some basic garments we all take for granted.

Well, I don’t really take them for granted because I don’t usually wear socks and underwear. I usually just go naked, and nobody seems to mind. At least I haven’t gotten any complaints so far.

But since the event at Stein Mart was promoting a very special way to help our soldiers, I decided to dress up. I wore a custom-made patriotic bandana created by the sweet ladies at Carol’s Linens. Miss Carol, Miss Brenda and Miss Marla wanted me to have an original piece so I would be able to show my deepest respect for our soldiers. They designed my bandana with blue stripes and red stars, and it even had my name on it!

So off we went to Stein Mart to encourage everyone to purchase socks and undies that the USO will ship to our soldiers in time for Christmas. Imagine my surprise when we arrived at Stein Mart and I saw they had literally rolled out the red carpet for me! Really, I’m not kidding. They had a beautiful red carpet just for me!

I walked around the store and through the ladies department visiting with shoppers, kissing them and encouraging them to put items in the soldiers’ collection bin. Apparently, people really like getting kissed while they’re shopping. Many of them came over to the red carpet to take pictures with me, too.

The Stein Mart team members sure were good sports. They posed for pictures with me, brought wonderful items from their fabulous pet department for me to model and spent time with me. But first and foremost they were on a mission to help our soldiers have new underclothes in time for Christmas.

And we also learned that Stein Mart folks are animal lovers, too. So CARES and Stein Mart will be working together on another project to help the animals soon. Stay tuned for more information!

Thanks to you, the Socks for Soldiers program was a wonderful success, collecting 403 pairs of socks and underwear. I appreciate your devotion to our military folks who will be so busy protecting us they won’t be home for Christmas.

Thank you for sending a little something to make a soldier’s Christmas special.

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