November 13, 2013 


Del Rio, Brenda Jasmin, born Oct. 12 to Socorro Basurto and Jose Del Rio of Centerville.

Goolsby, Crispin Michael, born Oct. 14 to Shekira McRae and Christopher Goolsby Sr. of Eastman.

Hobbs, Makayla Paige, born Oct. 15 to Ashley Schwartz and Kevin Hobbs of Perry.

Nguyen, Mason Thong, born Oct. 15 to David and Hong Nguyen of Warner Robins.

Randolph, Jo’sanie Ava, born Oct. 15 to Cas’ja Randolph of Warner Robins.

Shank, Aiden Ramon and Ashton Ramel, twins born Oct. 15 to Roshima Shank of Warner Robins.

Carrion, Kaidyn Xion, born Oct. 16 to Kiersyn Wright and Christopher Carrion of Atlanta.

Hamborg, Sara Rose, born Oct. 16 to Wes and Amanda Hamborg of Warner Robins.

Rembert, Isaiah Immanuel, born Oct. 16 to Iesha Wonnum and Paquan Rembert of Warner Robins.

Harrell, Presley Maree, born Oct. 17 to Allison Driggers and Brock Harrell of Warner Robins.

Millwood, Jace Remington, born Oct. 17 to Nathan and Teela (Wilson) Millwood of Warner Robins.

Sargent, Logan Reed, born Oct. 17 to William and Carrie (Midkiff) Sargent of Warner Robins.

Shackleford, Naomi Serena, born Oct. 17 to Joel (Watkins) Shackleford and Vandaral Shackleford Jr. of Warner Robins.

Harvey, Makayla Leigh, born Oct. 18 to Taylor Haynes and Phillip Harvey of Macon.

Perez, Jocelyn, born Oct. 18 to Lorena Castano and Yoni Berto Perez of Warner Robins.

Street, Dylan Leigh, born Oct. 18 to Janet (Leverett) Street and Scott Street Jr. of Bonaire.

McCallister, Benjamin Carson, born Oct. 19 to Kathryn McCallister of Warner Robins.

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