AC Pup: Which one is Carol?

November 1, 2013 

AC Pup dons his “Carol” look.


What an emotional roller coaster the past couple of weeks have been. Good grief! In just a matter of days I went from the euphoria of winning the national Dog TV logo contest to the astounding grief of trying to comprehend what happened at All About Animals Rescue.

We held a celebration party for winning the national contest. Then, a little more than a week later we held the candlelight vigil for the the precious lives lost in the tragedy.

I have been, as you probably have as well, at both ends of the extreme emotional spectrum. And we’ve experienced this all in a very short time frame.

Now it’s time to heal, hope and move forward.

I know one thing for sure. We’re all very resilient, and we must keep moving forward to help as many animals as we can. I have faith we can do that.

My nonprofit group, Central Georgia CARES, is doing just that. We’re actively promoting our CARES Homeless Pet Clubs to get as many shelter pets adopted as possible. The club enlists the help of businesses, schools and organizations to promote homeless animals. It’s been wildly successful in finding more than homes for pets.

I’m happy to report we’re enrolling a brand new business in our CARES Homeless Pet Club! Carol’s Linens will be our latest Homeless Pet Club, and it’s already chosen its first sponsored dog. Carol’s Linens will be sponsoring a sweet Australian shepherd named Sister who would make a fabulous addition to anyone’s family.

Miss Carol Kaplan, owner of Carol’s Linens, will host a creative event at her shop at 265 Tom Hill Sr. Blvd. in Macon from 1-5 p.m. Sunday. There will be three ways you benefit.

First, when you make a donation to CARES at the store, you’ll be entered in a contest to win a stain proof (great for pet parents) 5x8 rug valued at $500. Next, bring a 10-pound or larger bag of dog food to the store and you’ll receive a 20 percent discount to be used on a regularly priced item. And third, my favorite, if you can identify which picture, posted on Facebook and in the store, is the real Carol you’ll be entered to win a “Good Dog” gift basket.

You see, Miss Carol has a twin sister named Miss Brenda, and they look almost identical. So we took pictures of them and a couple of others dressed up as Carol. You may recognize one of the imposters. All you have to do if figure out which one is the real Miss Carol. It will be a blast!

Don’t miss the event Sunday. Even though we’ll be having great silly fun, we’ll be helping animals and saving lives and moving on in a very happy way.

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