October 30, 2013 


Cox, Jakoby Zayne, born Sept. 25 to Brooke Goodwin and Bill Cox of Macon.

Driggers, Bryant Ladon and Jackson Earl, twins born Sept. 26 to Nick and Kristen (Stokes) Driggers of Elko.

Fender, Lilleigh Ann Rae, born Sept. 27 to Jenna Fender and Jonah Perkins of Warner Robins.

James, Logan Harper, born Sept. 27 to Alexis Figley and Dustin James of Warner Robins.

Lancaster, Andrew Miles, born Sept. 27 to Whitney and Amanda (Sinyard) Lancaster of Hawkinsville.

Crafter, Teeghan Monne, born Sept. 28 to Chiquita Crafter of Fort Valley.

Marshall, Ja’Ceon Xavier Chance, born Sept. 28 to Virginia A. Dawson and Clayton Marshall of Warner Robins.

Jennings, Blakely Reese, born Sept. 29 to Joshua and Brooke (Ashley) Jennings of Warner Robins.

Lindsey, Avary Maria, born Sept. 29 to Alycia Griffin and Edwin Lindsey IV of Warner Robins.

Brown, Braxton Lee, born Sept. 30 to Mary Sue Jordan and Tyrus Brown of Eastman.

Jackson, Phillip Gabriel, born Sept. 30 to Ashley Watson and Phillip Jackson of Hawkinsville.

Pearce, Heidi Fox, born Sept. 30 to Michael and Jessica (Stephens) Pearce of Byron.

Beasley, Daisy Madalynn, born Oct. 1 to Laquanda Moats and Robert Beasley of Warner Robins.

Cortes, Baldemar Leal Jr., born Oct. 1 to Ingris Cortes of Warner Robins.

Eve, Brayden David, born Oct. 1 to Nikki Teague and Matthew Eve of Warner Robins.

Hamrick, Ronnie Randall O’Barr III, born Oct. 1 to Ronnie and Mary (Hatten) Hamrick of Warner Robins.

Johnson, Karri Jamir, born Oct. 1 to Eboni Grant and Kelly Johnson of Warner Robins.

Nealy, Dalyse Chanel, born Oct. 1 to Unytta Nealy of Warner Robins.

Newsom, Bentley James, born Oct. 1 to Shanice Newsom and Vince Tienter of Warner Robins.

Rouse, Chloe Chanel, born Oct. 1 to Macy L. Moore and Cameron E. Rouse of Perry.

Rowe, Chaltham William, born Oct. 1 to Cassie (Harmon) Pickett and Brett Rowe of Kathleen.

Troupe, Allianah Faith, born Oct. 1 to Alysan Troupe of Warner Robins.

Wade, Alyssa Lynn, born Oct. 1 to Stephanie Wade of Perry.

Braswell, Kyle Wesley, born Oct. 2 to Camesha Braswell of Roberta.

Burleson, Alexandria Grayce, born Oct. 2 to Hannah Burleson of Warner Robins.

Moore, Madelyn Jane, born Oct. 2 to Brandon and Casey (Clark) Moore of Byron.

Suthar, Atharv Dipesh Gajjar, born Oct. 2 to Dipesh and Lata (Vyar) Suthar of Warner Robins.

Askew, Carter Sky, born Oct. 3 to Belinda Loving and Tony Askew of Warner Robins.

Harris, Raiden Jassiah, born Oct. 3 to Chiquita Harris of Warner Robins.

Worthington, Carmen Celeste, born Oct. 3 to Carmen Hernandez Sanchez and Danny Worthington Jr. of Warner Robins.

Adkins, Abigail Betty, born Oct. 4 to Joshua and Ashley Adkins of Warner Robins.

Holland, Jillian Faith, born Oct. 4 to Andrew and Jenna (Lewis) Holland of Warner Robins.

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