AC Pup to AAA perpetrators: ‘How dare you’

October 25, 2013 

It was a quiet, peaceful night, but somewhere between late Wednesday, Oct. 16, and early Thursday, Oct. 17, the innocence was forever shattered in Macon.

It was then that an unimaginable, heinous, despicable act of violence took place at All About Animals Rescue on Riverside Drive. It left three friendly, loving dogs who were hoping for permanent families mangled and dead, three more mauled, suffering and barely clinging to life, six with horrendous gaping wounds and the remaining 60 or so seriously traumatized and in shock.

We don’t know exactly what happened that night. What we can conclude based on the crime scene and the behavior of the survivors is that it was indescribably violent and possibly lasted for an extended period of time.

There were dogs literally fighting for their lives. There were others hiding in the smallest pockets of space, hoping to go undetected by the perpetrators and survive the most terrifying night of their lives.

Some escaped the premises altogether and were desperately running away in an attempt to avoid a vicious, deadly attack. Many remain emotionally scarred by the images they saw, the sounds they heard and the insult to their own sense of safety and security.

The casualties didn’t stop with the dogs. Among the victims are the rescuers who arrived Thursday morning to clean kennels and discovered the carnage. Animal lovers who were first responders to aid and save as many as they could are included. Other animal groups that appeared Thursday to help assess the situation and create an action plan also are among the victims.

People who have a soft spot in their hearts for animals are among the walking wounded. There are untold numbers of people grieving over this crime.

But I would say to you turn your grief into action. Turn your raw emotion into advocacy.

And to the perpetrators I would say, how dare you! How dare you come into a place of unconditional love, healing and refuge under the cloak of darkness, as only morally bankrupt cowards would do, to commit acts of violence against trusting, loving dogs whose only goal in life was to offer loyal, loving companionship. How dare you!

I would also say to the perpetrators that you’ve made a grave error in judgment and behavior for which you will be held accountable. We are a community of animal lovers, as you will learn, whose moral compass points us in the direction of kindness, compassion and ethical treatment of animals. But our moral compass also guides us to seek justice on behalf of those animals that are vulnerable and have been harmed.

We have circled the wagons. We are united. We are determined.

We put you on notice. We will not tolerate egregious acts of violence, mistreatment or cruelty to animals. Period.

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