Perry teacher to be on ‘The Price is Right’

wcrenshaw@macon.comOctober 25, 2013 

Sharon Dean, second from right, celebrates her appearance on "The Price is Right." The episode she appears on will air Nov. 1. Also pictured, from left, are friends Jay and Brenda Graham, and Dean's husband, Randall.

WARNER ROBINS -- Friday should be a fun day at Perry Middle School.

Students will get a break from classroom work for about an hour to watch one of their teachers on “The Price is Right.”

Sharon Dean, a sixth-grade language arts and social studies teacher, will appear on the show, scheduled to air on WMAZ at 11 a.m. She is contractually obligated not to discuss the outcome, but she did confirm that she got on stage and she was happy with what happened after that.

“It was really a great experience,” she said. “I’m so glad I did it.”

The show, hosted by Drew Carey, was filmed July 10 while Dean was on vacation in California with her husband and two of their friends. She had studied up on how to get called to the front, and as a result had a T-shirt made that said “Drew, call a sweet Georgia Peach.”

She also spent a lot of time in local stores checking prices, but the first thing she had to bid on was a foosball table, which she had never priced. She managed to hit the price on the nose, however, which won her the table, a $500 bonus and a trip to the stage. “Drew was just the nicest, most personable guy,” she said. “He was encouraging. He just lifted up my spirits.”

Members of the audience of the long-running game show are selected to try to guess the prices of various items. The one who comes the closest without going over gets on stage, then has a chance to win bigger prizes.

Dean said she was interviewed in a group of about 20 people prior to the start of the show. She didn’t think she was going to be selected when they told her to sit in the back.

“When you are on the show, it is so different,” she said. “On television it looks big, but really it’s a small little room. You have all these cameras. ... I’m saying to myself while sitting there, ‘I would much rather be at home watching this on TV.’ ’’

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