Holliday’s ‘Impossible Dream’

October 25, 2013 

Thus it comes to an end -- well almost. Lindsay Holliday’s 18-year quest to get the Georgia Department of Transportation to alter its plans for Forest Hill Road has just about run its course. Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Edgar Ennis, dismissed Holliday’s lawsuit against GDOT. The agency’s contractors are prepared to start cutting down trees that have graced the neighborhood since before Holliday was a child.

While his quixotic battle is on life support (he has 35 days to file an appeal and seek another injunction), Holliday has run out of time -- and most importantly -- money. He backed up his words with his own wallet, but that was not enough. He was finally reduced to representing himself in the court case that began Monday. The old adage, “He who represents himself ...” is appropriate here. However, Holliday did not take up the legal mantle out of foolish hubris, but necessity. Tactical mistakes undermined his case and Judge Ennis had no recourse but to end this chapter in the long-running street fight.

Holliday is Macon’s “Man of La Mancha.” He fought the unbeatable foe and ran where the brave dared not go. And he paid for it out of his own pocket. He was willing “To fight for the right, without question or pause ...” And, he marched into Hell, for what he thought, was a heavenly cause. Even in defeat, you have to applaud the effort.

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