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October 25, 2013 

Best candidate?

I’m writing to express my dismay as to how people are discussing the candidates running for mayor of Warner Robins. I hear people saying they are going to vote for someone because he is a nice guy, or he was born here and I’ve known him all my life. Another comment is that Donald Walker wanted him to be mayor.

People, get a grip and research the best qualified candidate to run our city during the next critical years with Robins Air Force Base facing another round of BRAC. We need a mayor who can represent our city at the highest levels within the Air Force and Department of Defense. Robins AFB is the economic engine of Middle Georgia, without it, we don’t need to worry about who the next mayor will be.

-- Bill Livingston

Warner Robins

Time to go

I agree with Bill Ferguson column in the Oct. 18 Telegraph, that Rep. Austin Scott has to go in the next election. Both Georgia senators voted “yes” in support of reopening the government and paying federal workers. But our District 8 congressman, Rep. Austin Scott, voted “no.” He does not understand his base or lacks the courage to support this community. Either way its time to go and have a drink of tea on his own dime.

-- Jeri Moore


Don’t throw him out

In response to Bill Ferguson’s column of Oct. 18, while I may understand his desire to “throw the bums out,” I cannot agree with his decision to vote against Rep. Austin Scott in next year’s election. Scott, along with other conservative members of the House (and a few in the Senate), did everything he could to slow down the out of control expansion of our federal government.

The majority of the citizens in Georgia’s Eighth Congressional District are conservative and we want our representative to continue working hard to uphold our conservative values. We do not want him to work with Nancy Pelosi and other big government liberals (from either party). We want him to stand up to them and fight them. We are hopeful that more conservatives who believe in smaller government will be elected to both houses of Congress. If that happens, maybe we can stop the endless expansion of the federal government. Maybe we can even reduce the size, scope and reach of our federal government. Maybe we can get control of the federal budget.

For decades, big government liberals (from both parties) have been running Washington and they have brought us to where we are today. It is time to employ conservative principles such as individual liberty, personal responsibility and limited government. As long as Rep. Scott continues to stand for these principles, he will continue to receive my support.

-- Jeff Townsend



With the recent government shutdown and near default, the tea party Republicans have proven that they’re a farce to be reckoned with.

-- William D. Carter


Sorry voters

RE: Elaine Lucas calling the people of District 2 “sorry.” She should be ashamed of herself. Who gave her the right to publicly judge? How did she decide District 2 voters were “sorry individuals”? How did she know the ones who didn’t vote would have voted for the candidate she supported? To think that she would publicly bully those who disagree with her by calling them names and judging them is the most irresponsible, unethical and repulsive act a public figure could do.

If Henry Ficklin was a smart man he would stand up and publicly denounce her statements and demand an apology to the people of District 2. Mayor-elect Robert Reichert and the commission should consider a code of conduct for elected officials with fines against any who use such repugnant language toward the people they represent.

-- Susan Fisher


Will it get better?

I wanted to address the mandatory spay and neuter law that passed. I have heard talk that overpopulation is not our problem and I beg to differ. This is our problem, as a community member this is my problem, as animal lovers this is our problem. This summer a group of us went door to door in the 31201 zip code to promote the PetSmart charities grant. In the four months we did this we spoke to hundreds of people from all walks of life. One overwhelming fact stood out, people are misinformed about spay, neuter and pet care.

For the most part people wanted to do good by their animals they just didn’t know how. We must remember that all of us, on both sides of this issue, love our pets.

However with 4,000 animals dying just in our shelter every year how can we continue to ignore their plight? I encourage everyone to visit the shelter, give some love to those who need it. While you’re there I want you to think about the fact that only one out of every 10 dogs and one out of every 12 cats will find a forever home.

Then I want you to make a list of the 20 animals you saw that you think should be put down this week because more are coming. Something has to give. To quote Dr. Seuss, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

-- Samantha Bergeron


Time to pray

Does Congress have any idea what kind of turmoil they caused in people’s lives? Do they really care? The negotiations should never have gotten to the point of a government shutdown. They knew the deadline was coming. Why didn’t they do their job by debating, negotiating and compromising. They were playing politics with people’s lives.

The first joint meeting of Congress was April 30, 1789 in New York City. It was then the capitol of U.S. After President George Washington was sworn in, he led them down the street to St. Paul’s Chapel so that they could all pray for this nation. I think President Obama and Congress should get on their knees and pray for forgiveness and guidance to govern this nation back to the greatness we deserve.

-- Thomas Arnold


‘Thought police’ strike again

Daniel Snyder, the owner of the professional football team heretofore called the “Washington Redskins” is under attack from the same liberal thought police who say the name is hurtful. These are the same moral relativists who convinced the country that gay is the way to go, Islam is the religion of peace, the United States is at fault -- always and Christianity is for stupid people. Anyone who disagrees is called a racist, Neanderthal, homophobe, Islamaphobe, or just stupid. Snyder should keep the name “Redskins’ and change the team mascot to a potato. Can you imagine the outrage?

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

Why not?

If affordable health care aka Obamacare is so great why wasn’t the president, vice president, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid the first to enroll? They must forgot the old adage “Practice what you preach.”

-- Chet Lambert

Warner Robins

Prayer for Today

Direct us O Lord in all our doings, with your most gracious favor and further us with your continual help. Grant us to ask what you would have us to do, that the spirit of wisdom may save us from all false choices. Lord, may we see light and in your straight path and help us not to stumble. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.

-- Pastor Joe C Scott Sr.


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