Community more represented by good than by evil

October 20, 2013 

“How human beings can do this, I don’t understand it. These are docile and sweet animals, and for them to be subjected to this kind of violence is unconscionable. ... It’s a sad day for the animals, a sad day for those of us who love them, and it’s a sad day to be once again faced with the reality of how evil some people can be.”

-- Patti Jones, chairwoman of animal advocacy group Central Georgia CARES

There used to be two axioms of life: death and taxes. They were the only “sure things.” But sadly, we must add a third. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, we are rudely and painfully made aware that evil has no limit. When individuals broke into All About Animals near the entrance of Central City Park late Wednesday, their motive was not robbery in the strictest sense of the word. All About Animals operates on generosity, not money. But what they robbed from All About Animals, the animals AAA cared for and this community is much more valuable than money.

For whatever unknown reason at this point, the burglars’ actions led to the deaths of three dogs and at least 15 needing serious medical care. The remaining dogs are in a state of shock. It was unknown at the time of this writing whether some of the dogs were injured by other dogs or attacked by dogs brought in by the perpetrators.

But as horrendous as the crime is, it can’t match the generosity of this community. People have stepped up to pay for the dogs’ medical expenses and boarding. Alarm companies have offered to install surveillance cameras for free and two citizens have come forward to pay for the monthly monitoring costs for a year each. Adoptions and donations of cash are up.

This community has been hit hard by the cruel nature against defenseless animals and have opened up their wallets and hearts.

Unfortunately, there is much evil in the world and our senses will be rocked again by the depth of such evil.

While each of us can imagine in the dark side of our hearts what we would like to see done to the perpetrators, we should rather go to the side of our beings that would provide a home for these pets that have been left to the care of other kind hearts.

When it comes to fighting evil, the only weapon is good.

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