Coach comments: 'It hurts. It hurts everybody'

semerson@macon.comOctober 19, 2013 

MARK RICHT, head coach

His view on the Ramik Wilson targeting call and its implications:

"I promised myself I wouldn't say anything horrendous about the officiating today, so I'm not gonna do that."

You also looked upset on the 41-yard completion to Jonathan Kruse in the fourth quarter.

"I promised myself I wouldn't say anything horrendous about the officiating in the game."

The special teams breakdowns being the reason they lost?

"I'm not gonna say that. I'm gonna say that we certainly made mistakes on special teams. But it's a team game. Offense has a responsibility. Defense has a responsibility. Special teams has a responsibility as well. We win as a team, we lose as a team."

Josh Harvey-Clemons' and Chris Conley injuries:

"I don't know what's up with Josh. He just was out for the rest of the game. Chris needed help getting off the field at the end of the game. So that's never a good sign. I don't know. ... I think it was an ankle sprain, I don't know how serious it was."

His message to the team:

"It's a tough game. It's a physical game. It's a game where when you're winning everyone wants to say how good things are going, like you said, or when you're losing everyone's gonna have an opinion on that too. The thing that I wanted to make sure everyone understood was that at Georgia, we stick together. We stick together as coaches, coach to player, player to player, player to coach. We're gonna stay together. We've gotta do what we've gotta do as far as correcting. That's part of football, and making the best decisions we can make to get better. But I just said it hurts. It hurts everybody. But when it comes to talking to the media and things of that nature you've gotta give credit where it's due, to the job Vanderbilt did today. The sun's gonna come out tomorrow."

MIKE BOBO, offensive coordinator

The offense down the stretch:

"We just struggled to do anything with any consistency all day long. Just wasn't a very good effort on our part offensively. Well not the effort, the execution was the main thing."

Did Vanderbilt throw different schemes at you?

"No, not really. A couple different things. They're a heavy blitz team and we did a nice job a couple times of recognizing the blitz. And other times we just didn't execute the plays called. We didn't do our part today, that's for sure."

The three-and-outs in the fourth quarter:

"You're just searching for something to get it going, and we weren't able to do that. We were close a couple times and they were able to do a good job tackling, and just gotta give them credit. And we didn't do our part. ... We thought we had the chance to get some plays there. A couple third downs there we had some guys (open) and were late getting the ball to them in the zone, and their zone pressures. We just didn't execute third-down calls. We did execute on first and second down. We've gotta get better at what we do, and that's the only thing we can control."

Where the team goes from here:

"The team's gotta improve. We've gotta improve as a football team, from this game to the next. That's the bottom line. We've gotta do better. We do have new guys in there and we've gotta improve with those guys. That's what we gotta do the next two weeks."

Are the injuries too much?

“No, we still had chances to win this football game, and get something going. There were times we just didn’t execute well. It is what it is right now. The guys that we’ve got we’ve gotta improve and get better. We all have got to do a better job, myself included.”

TODD GRANTHAM, defensive coordinator

The game:

"I feel like there were some improvements made. So we've just gotta build on it and move forward, and understand that no matter the situation you've gotta find a way to win the game. Whatever hand you're dealt, you've gotta be able to go out and finish the deal off."

Did you get an explanation on the Ray Drew targeting call?

"Not really. It really is a remote point. Just move on and deal with it."

The Ramik Wilson call:

"Obviously it gave them a first down, so that's a big one. And it gave them a touchdown later on. I'll save my judgment on that until I see it on tape for sure. ... But I'll leave that to coach Richt and let him answer that question on what he thinks, and move forward."

Initial feeling when he saw the play:

"That it was gonna be a (targeting) penalty. That's what I thought."

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