Q&A with Lori Yann

October 16, 2013 

Lori Yann

Q&A with Lori Yann

City of Residence: Warner Robins

Occupation: Teacher, Sacred Heart Catholic School

QUESTION: Sacred Heart hosts its 56th Fall Festival Saturday. What are the hours and the location?

ANSWER: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 250 South Davis Drive. Part of it, the Granny’s Attic -- sort of a rummage sale -- is also open Friday from 8:30 a.m. until noon.

QUESTION: Just what is the festival?

ANSWER: It’s a very, very family friendly, fun event that’s open to the whole community. There’s so much to do. There are all kinds of rides and bouncy houses, amazing food, arts and crafts, all kinds of entertainment and so many other things to do.

QUESTION: What is its purpose?

ANSWER: It’s our way to give back and thank the community for all their support through the year, and it’s become sort of a social focal point for a lot of people, a lot of families. It’s also our school’s biggest fund raiser each year. I’d say it provides probably 60 to 70 percent of our budget. We pretty much put all our fundraising projects in this one weekend.

QUESTION: Talk about the “amazing food?”

ANSWER: A lot of local restaurants set up stands or bring food trucks and we have a lot of families that have booths. We have families from all over the world at Sacred Heart, so there’s good old American food as well as Filipino, Chinese, Mexican and other ethnic treats at 30 or so food booths. Fair food, too.

QUESTION: How’s the pricing on food? And does it cost money to get in the festival itself?

ANSWER: It’s very economical. It’s very family friendly on the wallet. There’s no charge to park, no charge to get in and all the events themselves are very economical.

QUESTION: Entertainment?

ANSWER: We have a number of stages and entertainment from local performers, school groups, choruses, Irish dancers, cloggers, jump rope teams and more I can’t even think of.

QUESTION: What are the games like?

ANSWER: There are separate game areas, one for toddlers with their own games and prizes -- the “everybody wins” sort of games, and their own bounce house and play area. Then we have an area for the older kids’ and grown-up games. The two most popular always seem to be the cakewalk and bingo. You wouldn’t believe all the cakes we give away.

QUESTION: The usual arts and crafts?

ANSWER: There’s a real variety from professionals and hobbyists. One big thing is our eighth-graders have an entrepreneurial class and make and sell projects at the festival. They’ve made homemade candy machines, scarves, pillows and lots of bracelets. I have one kid who’s making stools with sports pillows on top.

Another thing is Granny’s Attic, which is open Friday morning, too. We collect yard sale items, appliances and stuff all year long. There’s also a silent auction with baskets, sports packages, vacations and such. This year we’re auctioning time with teachers that students or parent can bid on to go bowling or for a pedicure or whatever. We thought that would be a good idea, but we’re a little paranoid we’ll turn out to be the least popular item! There’s a big dollar raffle also. First prize is $2,000, second is $1,250, third $750 and on down. Kids are selling these tickets now.

QUESTION: Do a lot of people come?

ANSWER: It gets bigger and bigger every year. We don’t know just how many, but from working ticket booths I know we sell thousands of armbands for rides. The festival is spread over the whole school and church property, which is huge, so it doesn’t seem overcrowded and you don’t usually have to stand in line much.

Answers may have been edited for length and clarity. Compiled by Michael W. Pannell. Contact him at mwpannell@gmail.com.

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