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October 14, 2013 

Happy now?

For those of you that wanted less government, how is the government shutdown working out for you?

-- William D. Carter


Cicadas at the polls

My husband, Dick, was off to do early voting. Me, I like to vote on Election Day. I feel privileged to be part of this periodic event that draws our neighbors -- known and unknown -- together to vote.

Voters behave rather like cicadas. We emerge as a group every few years to do our thing. Mysteriously, there are Macon-Bibb voters who act like true cicadas, emerging only once every 13 or 17 years to answer some secret voting cycle within. Maybe this is because politicians remind them of cicada males, beating their abdominal drums so loudly that sometimes we want to cover our ears. But, there are candidates who sound more like cicada females, buzzing their wings softly, to simply let us know where they stand. Unfortunately, when hibernating underground, we can’t hear anything.

Many readers of these pages are of the family cicadidae who emerge frequently and respond to the call of the ballot box. It always gives me hope and comfort to meet with our neighbors, near and far, at the polling place. Our district reflects most of the diversity of Macon-Bibb, income, gender, race, religion, class, politics and education. Together we will make our pilgrimage to the polls because we know that the sum of our votes will chart the course of our community for decades to come.

My hope is that the call of this consolidation runoff will finally draw out those long dormant cicadas among us. Please tell the ones you know who are underground, snoozing away, to wake up, to unfurl their wings, to fly to the polls and vote on Oct. 15.

-- Pam Thomasson



Dictators dictate -- they do not negotiate

-- Gilbert R. Switzer

Warner Robins

Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, for what we go through in life, nothing can ease our mind but you. We need to meditate on your word night and day, sing Psalms to you, and give praises to you every day. I know there are times we think we won’t make it, but we must not give up. So let us say, “move mountain and be cast into the sea.” For our journey is not a long one. But for us to be strong in faith, know that Jesus is there with us, because he will never forsake us or leave us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

-- by Robin Faye Hart


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