Finals Ready

Posted by Robin Bateman on October 12, 2013 

Harman / Lumpkin ready for doubles final

In recreational USTA league play, six out of eight players in the team lineup are playing doubles. It’s no wonder that Middle Georgia tennis players watching the Tennis Classic of Macon, could identify with doubles matches, doubles points, doubles play. 

This past Friday, Elizabeth Lumpkin and her partner Emily Harman knocked off Lauren Embree and Allie Kiick to punch their finals ticked for today, Sunday at the Tennis Classic of Macon. Embree/Kiick defeated the number one seed to advance to the semis. 

“We knew going into the match that they were both really quick and very consistent,” Lumpkin said in a post-match interview.

Losing a few games early in the match didn’t bother the girls too much. “We know doubles can go either way very quickly so we just wanted to stay positive we know they’re a scrappy team we knew that going in…we had to keep fighting, keep fighting and we knew that eventually we were going to get our chances,” said Harman.

Harman and Lumpkin will face Kristi Boxx and Abigail Guthre today at 1:00 at the Jaimie Kaplan Tennis Center on Stratford Academy’s campus.


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