Singer Colby Dee returns to roots at ‘Perry Fair’

Sun News correspondentOctober 9, 2013 

Singer Colby Dee will be performing through Sunday at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, and one of the songs she will perform is titled “Perry Fair.”


Georgia National Fair goers will have an extra treat for the remainder of the fair as Nashville recording artist Colby Dee will be returning home to perform on the Georgia National Fair main stage Wednesday through Sunday at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. each day.

Dee considers Houston County home -- she attended elementary school there prior to her father’s job transfer, and her extended family still resides in the area.

“I can’t put the emotion into words,” Dee said about her invitation to perform at the Georgia National Fair. “I talk about the fair year-round. I consider it one of the best times of the year and just love the fair.”

While she has plenty of memories of great food and rides, Dee also remembers watching other performers.

“I always made mental notes about how they performed and what songs they chose. I can’t wait to share the excitement of the fair and my music with everyone,” Dee said.

Her lineup at the fair will include a variety of songs, including some of her original work. Currently, Dee is finishing up recording her first EP -- an extended play is a musical term for a CD that has about 6-7 songs on it. Dee’s EP will be coming out Nov. 12 and will be available in hard copy and by download.

“It has been so fascinating to be a part of this process,” said Dee, who co-wrote all the songs on the EP. “They started out as an idea and now have grown into a production.”

The style of the music can be described as contemporary country meets classic country. The band that played with her on the EP is like a who’s who of country music. It is made up of musicians who have played with artists such as Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney and Hank Williams Jr.

“I was just in awe during the recording sessions, listening to them talk and tell stories,” Dee said.

Dee has just come off a 12-state radio tour in support of her song, “He Don’t Know,” during which she visited more than 70 radio stations and logged 11,000 miles.

“I enjoyed it so much, going out on the road and meeting the radio personalities. I will never forget hearing my song for the first time on the radio, and it never gets old to hear yourself on the radio,” Dee said.

Dee loves the Georgia National Fair so much that she actually wrote a song about it that she will perform during her shows.

“Perry Fair,” the term that she used as a child to refer to the Georgia National Fair, describes not only the fun things at the fair but the memories made there as well.

Dee will have a meet-and-greet after each of her 10 performanes at the fair, and fans who sign up will receive a copy of “Perry Fair” via email. Her meet-and-greet location will be next to the Georgia National Fair’s main stage near the clock tower.

To keep up with Dee after the fair and to hear the latest news on her career, visit her website at

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