October 9, 2013 


Tookes, Andrea Janise, born Sept. 2 to Lakenya Hinton and Andre’ Tookes of Byron.

Collier, Jaleah Amore, born Sept. 6 to Brishuna Collier of Warner Robins.

Sadowski, Isaac, born Sept. 9 to Joseph and Nicole (Bunker) Sadowski of Warner Robins.

Smith, Isaiah LaGrone, born Sept. 9 to Erica (Altman) Smith and Buefard Smith III of Bonaire.

Davis, Bobby Lee Jr., born Sept. 11 to Lacey Brackins and Bobby Davis of Warner Robins.

Richardson, Jacaya Cayann, born Sept. 11 to Jackie Richardson of Warner Robins.

Reed, Oriana D’asia, born Sept. 11 to Cortez and Selena (Johnson) Reed of Fort Valley.

Shoults, Michael Lee, born Sept. 11 to Michael and Purni (Monger) Shoults of Warner Robins.

Smith, Bryer Erin, born Sept. 11 to Joshua and Jessica (Ham) Smith of Byron.

Fulks, Maddyson Noelle, born Sept. 12 to Kendrick and Chantel (Hagan) Fulks of Warner Robins.

Williams, Trianna Nicole, born Sept. 12 to Despena (Grayson) Williams and Samuel Williams Jr. of Warner Robins.

Anders, Keever Sims, born Sept. 13 to Lance and Danielle (Martin) Anders of Bonaire.

Cochran, Baleigh Jean, born Sept. 13 to John and Casey (Foster) Cochran of Byron.

Tharpe, Caiden Alexander, born Sept. 13 to Angeline Bridges and Dylan Tharpe of Warner Robins.

Howard, Ayden Trovatney, born Sept. 14 to Sherrie Howard of Warner Robins.

Spencer, James Daniel II, born Sept. 14 to Desiray Gaudet and James Spencer of Reynolds.

Burse, Xavier Matthew, born Sept. 16 to Ryan and Lauren (Smith) Burse of Warner Robins.

Jaime, Jack Thomas and Lucy Eleanor, twins born Sept. 16 to Nicholas and Kelly (Jones) Jaime of Warner Robins.

Lewis, Ariane Kenyotta Michelle, born Sept. 16 to Sakemma Adkinson and Kenneth Lewis of Unadilla.

Newsom, Josiah Christopher, born Sept. 16 to Amanda B. Daniel and John C. Newsom of Warner Robins.

Scott, Londyn Jaide, born Sept. 16 to Diamond Homes and Brandon Scott of Warner Robins.

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