Macon company cleans for cancer patients at no charge

alopez@macon.comOctober 4, 2013 

KATHLEEN -- She receives chemotherapy intravenously, which leads to more “bad days” than when she was just on the pills. Doctors removed the cancerous lump in her breast in 2011. This year she found out the cancer had spread to her bones.

Robin Preston expects to be in treatment the rest of her life.

“You want to sleep all day, tired and nauseous,” she said. “You get dehydrated so then you get to feeling worse.”

Every month for the past three months, however, a crew of professional maids visited her house to tidy up. More than 30 families in Middle Georgia were helped in the same way last year, all at no cost to them.

“It is a huge relief knowing they are coming,” Preston said. “Knowing, ‘OK, my house is clean,’ that’s one less thing that as a woman you worry about.”

Stephanie and Joey Rozier own Spotless Cleaning, a janitorial company in Macon that partners with the Texas-based nonprofit Cleaning for a Reason, to donate free maid service to women battling cancer. In four years they say they have donated more than $81,000 in cleaning to local patients.

Preston discovered the lump in her breast was cancerous shortly after relocating to Warner Robins from Utah in 2011. Her husband serves in the Air Force as an air battle manager and has been deployed overseas eight times. He found out her cancer had returned the day before he was set to deploy for the ninth time earlier this year. The couple has two children, a daughter who cheers for Houston County High School and a son who attends Mossy Creek Middle School.

The staff at Central Georgia Cancer Care in Warner Robins referred her to Cleaning for a Reason. Preston applied through the nonprofit’s website, and her doctor faxed the organization proof she was undergoing treatment. From there, the staff at Cleaning for a Reason contacted Stephanie Rozier at Spotless Cleaning.

Women undergoing cancer treatment are eligible for four months of service and can renew with the company for as long they demonstrate need. Throughout the year, tote bags filled with supermarket and gasoline gift cards, along with other goodies, are distributed to them courtesy of Spotless Cleaning, which pays for the gifts through a raffle Stephanie Rozier runs in conjunction with cancer awareness month every October.

“God has blessed us with this business,” she said. “So we try to share our blessing.”

Stephanie Rozier lost her mother to pleural sarcoma in 2001. Her husband has also experienced a loss in the family from cancer.

On Friday, a crew of three young women dusted and vacuumed.

“I go in there as if it was my own mother,” said Jasmine Ocasio, one of the cleaners. “It’s extremely special.”

“We want to get very personal,” said Zoe Romeo, also a cancer survivor. “Tons of hugs, tears and prayer.”

Romeo drives a 2008 Ford Mustang, Warriors in Pink edition. The car sports black paint with pink trim and a special edition pink ribbon behind the Mustang logo. She said a portion of her car payment goes to an associated charity.

Cancer runs in Romeo’s family, and she wants women everywhere to understand the importance of mammograms.

“We all need to be schooled on it,” she said.

For more information about Cleaning for a Reason, go to or call 877-337-3348.

To contact writer Andres David Lopez, call 477-4382.

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