2013 Children’s Christmas Tree has a few openings left

October 3, 2013 

The Telegraph has a few more spots remaining for its 2013 Children’s Christmas Tree.

Your child is eligible to appear on the tree if your family lives in Middle Georgia, the child is between the ages of 2 and 6 (as of Christmas) and your child’s picture has never been on the tree before.

To submit your child’s name, send an e-mail to Paulette Fountain (pfountain@macon.com) with 2013 Children’s Christmas Tree in the subject line, as well as the following information: the name the child goes by (not the full name); the child’s birthday, including the year; the name of each parent (John and Jane Doe, not Mr. and Mrs. John Doe); a home telephone number and at least one cell phone number for the parent or parents.

Please don’t send a picture of the child. A photo session will be scheduled for children who are selected for the 2013 tree.

If you have a question about the Children’s Christmas Tree, call 744-4411.

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