October 2, 2013 


Smith, Isabella, Grace, born Sept. 7 to Brandon and Tiffany (Smith) Hill of Warner Robins.

Thompson, Zoey Brielle, born Sept. 8 to Shantebreana Vickers and Alonzo Thompson of Lizella.

Tolliver, Chase Andrew, born Sept. 8 to Kayanna Grant and Richard Tolliver Jr. of Warner Robins.

Greene, Mykia Alayna, born Sept. 9 to Dimitral (Dillon) Greene and Micheal A. Greene Jr. of Warner Robins.

Pitts, Randall Jase, born Sept. 9 to Edward R. and Kathryn (Bowen) Pitts of Bonaire.

Davis, Zoey Emani, born Sept. 10 to Jordan Davis and Tyler Thorpe of Warner Robins.

Murray, Avery Brielle, born Sept. 10 to Samantha Adams and Franquan Murray of Hawkinsville.

Stokes, Kynedi Alyian, born Sept. 10 to Brittany Phillips and Ryan Stokes of Byron.

White, Teagan Monroe, born Sept. 10 to Marcherita Gray and Jesse White of Pritchett.

Hoskins, Chandler Ethan Francis, born Sept. 12 to Natalie Hoskins of Warner Robins.

Leverett, Lucas Paul, born Sept. 12 to John and Brittney (Lucas) Leverett of Byron.

Shannon, Jabari Yamel, born Sept. 12 to Takiyah Shannon of Binghamton, N.Y.

Smith, Noah Isiah, born Sept. 12 to Hanastasia Thomas and Travis Smith of Warner Robins.

Baird, Levi Nathaniel, born Sept. 13 to Matthew and Heather (Shy) Baird of Bonaire.

Freeman, Torran Michael, born Sept. 13 to Michael and Doshia (Marcum) Freeman of Warner Robins.

McMillian, Marlee Ann, born Sept. 13 to Matthew and Elizabeth (Hancock) McMillian of Perry.

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