Performing arts studio opens in Warner Robins

Sun News correspondentOctober 2, 2013 

Peacock’s Performing Arts Center opened in Warner Robins this summer to give young people in the area more access to training in the performing arts.

Peacock’s is owned by Logan Kemper, who earned several pageant titles and attended Belmont University, where she studied musical theater.

She has directed and choreographed many local productions such as the Miss Houston County High Pageant and the Miss Warner Robins scholarship pageant. She is an accredited judge with the Miss America pageant system.

Prior to opening Peacock’s, she already was teaching voice and dance lessons and providing pageant coaching.

“Teaching is always something I wanted to do,” said Kemper. “I love to perform, but my true passion is teaching.”

Kemper actually started teaching while still in college, asking her theater director during her freshman year for the opportunity to choreograph a number. She continued choreographing numbers and entire shows throughout college.

Kemper and a staff of eight teach classes that include dance classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, acrobatics, ballroom, contemporary and zumba. Peacock’s also provides classes in musical theater, acting, voice, piano and guitar lessons and has individual pageant coaching.

While providing training in the arts, Peacock’s also believes in training students for life.

“We teach dance and voice,” said Kemper, “but we are also teaching discipline, determination, confidence and self respect. I want my students to learn that that they can do anything they set minds to and the mindset that I want to be better at whatever I am doing.”

Peacock’s starts its class a little younger than a lot of studios with the 2-year-old Broadway Babies class that incorporates tumbling, basic ballet and music.

Along with the classes, Peacock’s provides pageant coaching.

But Kemper’s goal for those she is coaching in pageants is never a crown.

“If you focus on the crown, the only thing you will get caught up in is ‘I want to win,’ ” said Kemper. “My goal is for a student to gain confidence, gain interview skills, to feel like she has improved from the last time she has done a pageant. I remind them all the time, you aren’t competing with the other contestants. You are competing with yourself.”

For more in-depth details about the classes and schedules and for biographies of the teachers, visit or call 302-5642.

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