Annual, sick leave maximums increased for Perry city workers

chwright@macon.comOctober 1, 2013 

PERRY -- Longer tenured city workers could get a bigger payout when they retire, the City Council agreed Tuesday.

The Perry City Council voted to increase the amount of annual and sick leave that employees can accrue with the city. Employees aren’t paid for sick leave when they retire, but they are for annual leave, said City Manager Lee Gilmour.

“Council felt it was a benefit that could be provided to employees, particularly long-term employees,” without much impact to the city budget, Gilmour said.

Employees can now accrue up to 240 hours of annual leave, up from 160 hours. They can bank up to 1,280 hours of sick leave, up from 640. Firefighters, whose time is counted differently because they work 24-hour shifts, can earn up to 366 hours of annual leave and up to 1,792 hours of sick leave.

Gilmour said the maximum time is more in line with surrounding governments.

Also Tuesday, the council voted unanimously to amend the hotel/motel tax ordinance to mirror the state statute. Gilmour said the changes are minor and mostly procedural.

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