Your Garden Guy: Tips for early fall plants, yards

September 25, 2013 

• Are you looking for a tough, hardy fall perennial? Try Montauk daisy. This classic white daisy flower perennial is blooming now in Middle Georgia gardens. Plant in mass groups of seven or more in full sun.

• Fall is show time for ornamental grasses. So if you see a variety you like, plant it in your landscape. I love pink Muhly grass. It’s low care, 24 inches tall, and very easy to grow in full sun.

• Yellow jacket nests are at their most populous point during autumn.

These aggressive wasps build nests underground and are often undetected until disturbed by humans, when they will quickly swarm and sting.

Use an appropriate insecticide to destroy the nest. Don’t pour gasoline down the nest opening!

• Now is a good time to buy mums. Pick plants with the buds closed to extend the bloom time.

• Watch for seasonal sales on lawn equipment, plants and outdoor furniture.

• It’s time to spray plants to repel the deer and rabbits.

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