Bibb company seeks court order in pollution permit case

mstucka@macon.comSeptember 23, 2013 

A Bibb County company hopes a judge Tuesday will order the Macon Water Authority to continue letting its treated industrial waste flow into the sewer system while the company seeks a new permit.

Aerospace Defense Coatings of Georgia Inc. usually sends about 15,000 gallons of the waste into the sewage system each day. However, the company said the authority rejected a renewal of its permit to discharge the waste, saying it was “incomplete and deficient.” The company is located near the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

The water authority is scheduled to argue against the company’s request for an injunction at 1:45 p.m. Tuesday in Bibb County Superior Court.

The company’s lawsuit, filed Friday, includes a 174-page complaint that says the water authority ordered Aerospace Defense Coatings to stop discharging waste into the system Sept. 16 because it wasn’t going to get a renewed permit and the old permit had already lapsed. The authority offered to hold a hearing Oct. 3.

The company says the long delay threatens the company’s ability to work in the aerospace and defense industries and its ability to employ 83 people with a payroll of $2.6 million.

Authority attorney Lonzy Edwards said he had not seen a copy of the lawsuit, but the authority would respond aggressively.

The authority has written the company to say it “has had four significant noncompliance violations in the last seven months of its operation” and will explore options for the violations.

The company says in the lawsuit that its work includes electroplating, anodizing and painting steel and aluminum products.

Waste can include spent acids, spent alkali, spent plating solutions, rinse waters and organic solvents.

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