AC Pup: Rescue Mission residents embrace amazing Grace

September 20, 2013 

The staff and residents of the Macon Rescue Mission recently visited Bibb County Animal Welfare, where they fell in love with a beautiful German shepherd-mix they named Grace.


As spokesdog for animals, I’ve heralded the numerous benefits of having a companion animal. Imagine how many people could benefit by having a pet live in a home with lots of residents.

The Macon Rescue Mission, a wonderful organization providing food and shelter to needy people since 1952, found out recently. The staff and residents visited Bibb County Animal Welfare.

They fell in love with a beautiful German shepherd-mix puppy hoping to be rescued. They adopted her and named her Grace. Here’s their story.

“We’ve made many changes at the mission recently,” said Erin Reimers, executive director. “New goals have been established and many enhancements have been made to our programs and services. Grace is an extension of the overall change that reflects a loving, Christ-like atmosphere. It is a joy to see the men wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to help Grace, and she has been a real boost to the residents’ spirits.”

Mission participants in the men’s division were excited about getting a dog and couldn’t wait to get to the shelter. Several expressed joy because they miss their dog from home.

Many participating in the yearlong addiction recovery program feel God has given them a second chance through his mercy, and they wanted to provide that same love to another one of God’s creatures. So they aptly named the new puppy Grace.

Usually, it takes someone a few days to adjust when first arriving at the mission. The same was true for Grace who, like many mission residents, previously lived on the streets and was hungry and malnourished.

Residents share in Grace’s daily care including exercise, plenty of fresh air, baths and feeding. She’s adjusting well to the attention and has attended evening chapel, explored the grounds and greeted visitors in the lobby. She’s even ministered to the children of the Dove Center, the women’s division for families recovering from the cycle of domestic violence.

She’s blossomed and now spreads love, joy and peace to everyone with her presence. Grace has found a caring family at the mission and a safe haven over the streets of southwest Macon where she was originally found.

If you’d like to help with expense of Grace’s care or with the Macon Rescue Mission in general, just send in a donation to Macon Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 749, Macon, GA 31202 or visit www.maconrescuemission. Make sure you designate your gift for Grace if you’re helping with her care.

One resident sums it up best: “Grace gives us hope as we see her adjusting to a new, more positive life. She helps us realize what God and the mission (have) done for us and that our lives can be better, too.”

I know how much God’s furry creatures share his love. And this sweet girl is truly “Amazing Grace.”

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