Running up score in high school is embarrassing

dshirley@macon.comSeptember 19, 2013 

On Sept. 13, there was really nothing out of the normal from any high school Friday night in Georgia.

The scores were rolling in, and things were hectic, as usual.

Then there were a couple of double-take moments.

Wait, Camden County did what?

Things got back to normal for a little bit. And then came another one.

Wait, Lowndes scored how many points?

Camden County rolled up 91 points in an 85-point win over Beach, while Lowndes cruised to an 87-0 win over Windsor Forest. My initial thought to hearing both scores was that the coaches at Camden County and Lowndes should be embarrassed by their actions.

I was told that Lowndes used junior varsity players as early as the second quarter and even some ninth-grade players and ran off-tackle play after off-tackle play. But none of that makes it OK.

So I went back to my initial reaction. The coaches at Camden County and Lowndes should be embarrassed, and they should have been called into their respective principal’s offices first thing Monday morning to have a little talk -- a one-sided discussion.

There is no excuse for what those teams did last week, and you only hope that somewhere down the line the coaching staffs at Lowndes and Camden County will have that done to them. But then you realize that it likely won’t because of the hope that the coaches they face in the future will have too much class to do that.

It doesn’t matter who played or how much they played or what kind of plays the coaches were calling (or not calling), there is a way to not score 91 points or even 87. This coaching staffs should have either figured that out, or they shouldn’t have scheduled these kinds of games and instead played some teams that offered a challenge.

Sure, these games are scheduled in advance, and sometimes it’s hard to know how good a team will be a couple of years down the line, but that’s just another excuse. Beach has a .395 all-time winning percentage, while Windsor Forest’s is even worse -- .375. Those teams just can’t match up with teams like Lowndes and Camden County.

If the game is scheduled and there is no way out of it, the coaches could at least show some respect for the group of young men on the other sideline.

We’re not talking about professional players or even college. This is high school. These are teenagers, and we hear coaches all the time talk about molding young men through football. What exactly did they teach their players, or the opposing players, with Friday’s games?

Who knows what those coaching staffs were trying to prove with those outcomes, but what they displayed is a lack of respect for their opponents.

We just hope that doesn’t become the norm on Friday nights.

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