The Telegraph’s endorsements for Sept. 17

September 16, 2013 

Election Day is tomorrow, Sept. 17. It is a very important day for Bibb County. There are 31 candidates vying for nine commission posts and the mayor’s position. Most are familiar names, many have served in elected capacity for the county and or the city. But there are several newcomers. In one fell swoop, an area that is governed by 21 people will shrink to 10 on Jan. 14. Who will sit in those positions for a three-year term is up to all voters.

Due to the problems the Board of Elections has experienced with voters having the wrong ballot pop up on their electronic voting machine screens, it’s a good idea to check your ballot. Don’t cast your ballot if you are unsure. Ask a poll worker if you have any questions. If necessary, be persistent. Once you cast the ballot it cannot be retracted.

Here is a recap of the endorsements made by our Editorial Board and The Telegraph’s Citizen Advisory Board:

Mayor: Robert Reichert

District 1: Gary Bechtel

District 2: Larry Schlesinger

District 3: Terry Tripp

District 4: Beverly Olson

District 5: Bert Bivins

District 6: Adah Roberts

District 7: Eric Arnold

District 8: Charles Jones

District 9: Al Tillman

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