College in session, and the beats crank up

September 13, 2013 

Our Macon music scene may be back in full swing. It’s been a little quiet lately. Most of us credit it to people getting older and starting families, thus having less time to be rock stars or cheer on those who aspire to be.

Also, most of our active bands/artists have been busy touring and recording -- myself included. All of this, in my opinion, has helped lead to more of the same when you visit downtown bars. The flipside to this resurgence is that most of the noise will be coming from some of the older crowd that I mentioned earlier.

Let’s start with one of the most talked about bands in Macon over the past three years, the Roly-Bots. Mostly made up of members from a rock group called the Liabilities, the Roly-Bots seemed to have come out of nowhere back in 2010 and destroyed every stage they played on. They play upbeat rock ’n’ roll mixed with impeccably placed synth and a live show that kept you dancing from start to finish.

Tonight, they return to the Hummingbird Stage and Taproom for the wedding reception of Chris Nylund and Ellen Banas. (This is free and open to the public.) How Chris and Ellen persuaded them to come out of hiding we’ll never know.

I’m excited to see these guys play for the first time since 2010 and hear guitarist Shawn Williamson join them as a second guitarist. Speaking of Shawn, who has played in my live band for the past two years, he’s been busy behind the scenes in two new bands that will be playing live in October.

His first band, Houston, made their debut at Grant’s Lounge in early August. Created from members of Trendlenberg, Citizen Insane, Roly-Bots and my band, that amount of experience can only mean good things musically. His second band, Maryex, includes my drummer Travis Reeves and Daniel Graves on bass guitar.

In other news, Thursday at the Douglass Theatre, I’ll be having an album release party for “Psycadelphia Two” before I head out for the weekend with StereoMonster to promote it. This is my first solo show at the Douglass and one of the last things on my Macon bucket list.

And of course it’s fun to see the Mercer University students back downtown. It’s also fun to see the clubs duke it out for who’s going to win over the Mercer kids. I’m closely watching the DJ battle myself. With Shawty Slim on the road with B.O.B. and guys like Roger Riddle in and out of retirement, I think that leaves the race for best local DJ wide open. I’ve been watching DJ Surname Helms, B3 & Laylo Lopez to see who’s going to take the lead.

I want to shout out Louise Warren and One Horse Parade as two other musical acts that are making some noise as of late. If there’s anything I missed, send it to me on Twitternote auth="Renee Martinez" coll="1" ctime="1ceae6b e62cbba8" mtime="1ceae6b e62cbba8">

I hope to see you all at a show soon -- whether mine or someone else’s!

Floco Torres is an artist/songwriter. Contact him at

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