Planes moved in Warner Robins

September 11, 2013 

A big airplane relocation project began Wednesday afternoon with a T-33 trainer jet in front of the Recreation Department moving to the old police station. It will later be moved next to Interstate 75, but the Museum of Aviation needs to examine the plane first, said Redevelopment Agency Executive Director Gary Lee.

Mayor Chuck Shaheen said the plane should be able to move to its new home in 30 days. A decommissioned F-15 fighter jet will replace the T-33 in front of the Recreation Department.

Shaheen and some council members battled this summer because the F-15 was originally planned to go to the interstate, but Shaheen said it’s more cost-effective to move the F-15 to the Recreation Department. Lee said the pedestal at I-75 has been built to one day fit the F-15.


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