Report: Houston Healthcare has $461 million economic impact

Staff reportsSeptember 11, 2013 

Houston Healthcare had a more than $461 million economic impact on the state and local economy in 2011, according to a hospital news release.

The figure, the most recent available, came from a new report by the Georgia Hospital Association.

“This new report shows that, even in uncertain economic times, Houston Healthcare has an enormous positive impact on our local economy,” Cary Martin, CEO for Houston Healthcare, said in the release.

In addition, the report shows that during that year, Houston Healthcare also provided about $21.8 million in uncompensated care, the release states. A growing uninsured population, as well as cuts in Medicare and Medicaid payments concern hospital leadership, the release states.

Houston Healthcare consists of two main hospitals -- Houston Medical Center in Warner Robins and Perry Hospital in Perry -- as well as Houston Health Pavilion, The Surgery Center, Houston Lake Rehab, Houston Heart Institute and various Med-Stops. It employs more than 4,400 people full time.

Houston Healthcare’s direct expenditures in 2011 totaled more than $201.6 million. The $461 figure came from using an economic multiplier that accounts for the “ripple effect” of those expenditures on other sectors of the economy, the release states.

Statewide, Georgia hospitals contributed more than $38.6 billion to the economy, the release states.

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