Coaches quotes: 'These guys showed me something'

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Georgia coach Mark Richt followed a Georgia State Trooper as if the lawman was a pulling guard after the Bulldogs beat South Carolina, 41-30.


Comments from Georgia head coach Mark Richt and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. As for offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, he declined to come out and answer for his offense and take the tough questions about its 41-point, 536-yard, zero-turnover performance. So, that's probably okay.

MARK RICHT, head coach

The team's response this week:

"No one flinched. Everyone worked hard, everyone believed. These guys showed me something. We're beginning to define what type of team we are, what type of defense, what type of offense. It was a good sign today to be able to play that kind of game and come out on top like that."

On stopping Clowney:

"He got banged up somewhere along the way. ... But I mean he's a great player. We had a good plan, and we executed well. And what can I say, I still think he's one of the best players on the planet."

The offensive line performance:

"We protected pretty well for the most part. I think there were two sacks, but that's gonna happen when you throw a few times. And then again, to finish the way we did, and you have to have the tight end position, you have to have the fullback position, those guys are great blockers. And even the tailbacks when it comes to pass protection there were some blitzes they picked up beautifully."

The onside kick:

"Coach (Kirk) Olivadotti saw it. He came to me on Sunday night and showed it to me. He just felt like they were too wide on the front line, they were too far apart from each other. There was just a crease, or whatever you wanna say it, a gap that was too big. And we were able to get blockers on there with two guys, and a kicker and another guy to go get the ball. ... It was executed beautifully. Anytime you can steal a possession from the other team it's huge, and it was a great momentum play for us."

The challenge of facing two top-10 teams to start the season:

"It's tough. You hate to so early in the season of feel the pressure of all your goals being on the line. It was Game 2. If we lost, we weren't out of the SEC race, obviously, we've come back from that before. But it's just no fun to be 0-2. ... It was good medicine to get a victory. I'm sure it gave our guys' some confidence as a team."

On Murray's performance:

"I don't want to overdo it, to say 'Aaron won a big game,' because quite frankly when we haven't won, we haven't won some of these games, it's always been a team. The team hasn't won these games. It hasn't been Murray it's been everybody. So the team won this game. Murray didn't win it. But Murray played well, which was great. We're proud of him."

Freshman corner Brendan Langley struggling after being injured this week:

"I'm proud of Brendan, because it's not easy to play corner in college football. You're gonna get challenged if you're a rookie. And he got challenged. He got beat once or twice. (Editor's note: It was more than that.) But he stayed in there. You don't see a lot of the plays that he does make. You tend to forget if there's an incompletion and he's in good position to make a play. ... Overall he's done very well. He's a guy that's got great skill sets, and he's very mature."

Defense holding South Carolina to six points in the second half:

"Part of it was that goal-line stand was huge. The other part was that we got a big enough lead, we got a double-digit lead, that forced them probably to get a little out of their gameplan. It forced them to do some things that they probably wouldn't have done if they had the lead. And then they made some plays. I'd like to see us get more pressure on the passer without having to blitz. We still have got to work on that, I guess. I'd like to see more pressure on a four-man rush."

TODD GRANTHAM, defensive coordinator

On his defense:

"I think the more they play the better they're gonna get."

The fourth-down stop:

"If it's fourth and a yard and a half and they choose to put the ball on the perimeter like that, then I'll take that. ... I'll take that all day."

"We weren't perfect, but I did see improvements. They kept battling. And truthfully, we were mentally more tough than they were tonight. We kept playing and could have kept playing. So we showed more physical toughness than the team we played."

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