From the locker room: 'We just whipped them'

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Justin Scott-Wesley heads for the bench after the final touchdown, an 85-yd. pass from Aaron Murray. Georgia beat South Carolina, 41-30.


Comments from Georgia players in the locker room following their 41-30 victory over South Carolina.

JUSTIN SCOTT-WESLEY, sophomore receiver

His touchdown catch:

"Man, it came open pretty clean. The corner didn't get a hand on me, the safety didn't come over on me. I was just out there. You could've thrown a grenade out there and nobody would've died but me."

Murray rolling out and finding receivers:

"We practiced scramble drills a lot. When the coverage breaks down it's on the receiver just to find a hole and get open. And that's what we did."

Success on third downs:

"It was amazing. You know that's lunch for a D-end and a pass rush. And I feel like we countered those guys out. We did a great job with Clowney, man, and we just made plays."

Murray's performance and the whole big-game meme:

"People can always say what they wanna say. But we've got faith in our guys, we've got faith in our coaches. We're not worried about anybody. Coach Bobo tells us all the time: Ignore the noise. People gonna say what they wanna say, but they can't take that W off the board."

DAVID ANDREWS, junior center

The offensive line rebounding:

"There were a lot of naysayers and things. We did some bad things last week but people didn't see good things that we did. So people doubted us and that's where we like to be. We like to be doubted because that's motivation. We didn't change anything different from last week we just played football and we kicked tail."

The team beating South Carolina:

"It's always great to beat them, start us out on the right foot to the East. That's just what we want to do. So you know, we're back to where we want to be."

AARON MURRAY, senior quarterback

The touchdown pass to Gurley:

"He did a great job. Play broke down, he stayed alive getting open for me in the back."

Scott-Wesley getting open for the touchdown pass:

"He was the second read. I went through first read and had to get out of the pocket. And when I did I went to him, and he was wide open on the sideline. It was easy pitch and catch from there."

MICHAEL BENNETT, junior receiver

Murray's performance:

"He played the game of his life. I was telling him throughout the game. He really came up and played his butt off, and prepared all week, and it showed today."

Does this put to rest the 'Aaron can't play well in big games' meme?

"Yeah I'd say so. They came in our house, they were what No. 5, No. 6 in the country, we whipped their butt. We just did an awesome job executing. It definitely helps Aaron with that persona that's about him around the nation."

Bennett's completion when Clowney hit Murray:

"That was a big play. Definitely set the tone because I think the next play Todd had a long run down the sideline. So it was just showing we weren't gonna let Clowney beat us."

What it means to beat South Carolina:

"It means a ton. I kept praying. Man, I didn't care by any means, we just needed to beat them. Because we hadn't beat them in three years. It was huge."

TODD GURLEY, sophomore tailback

His touchdown catch:

"My boy Malcolm (Mitchell), I told him I'd hold him down, so I got that touchdown pass for him."

Entering a bye week:

"If we had to play next week we would but a lot of guys are banged up from these first two games. We're gonna get rested and get treatment, and come back for North Texas and be ready to play."

The offensive line:

"They were good. We ran the ball way more this game than we did last game. If you look at the stats we had more yards than Clemson and they did a great job against Clemson too. They just keep improving every day, every day."

JOSH HARVEY-CLEMENS, sophomore safety

On his suspension:

"It really hurt me bad and most of all it hurt my teammates. I made a mistake and I had to learn from it and move on. And I'm just glad to be back out here with the fellas."

Now that he's back:

"I feel like I can make a great impact, because a lot of the guys, they look for me for leadership. I feel like the more games we get out under our feet, playing together, and the chemistry we get going, I feel like it's gonna be a lot of trouble for offenses coming."

JORDAN JENKINS, sophomore linebacker

When I began asking him about Connor Shaw's running ability:

(Laughing and shaking his head): "I hate Shaw."

So how did Georgia finally contain him?

"Really we just stopped trying to make inside moves, we just settled down on the outside, and just figured this was the game it was gonna be hard for us to get a lot of sacks on a quarterback like Shaw. So we just really came up the field and tried to press him and tried to work on containing him in the second half and at the end."

When a defense is giving up a lot of yards and points, how much easier is it when your own offense is responding:

"It's definitely a hell of a lot easier. It gives us small hope, and gives us the idea that all we have to do is get them to stop and they'll score, and every stop we get is another seven points added to the scoreboard."

PATRICK BELESS, sophomore (walk-on) kicker

On his 37-yard field goal:

"I just tried to kick it like an extra point. Every kick you try and hit it the same way every time. Just the same swing. I'm just glad I was able to make it. It was a great hold and snap. Great blocking also."

On being perfect so far:

"I'm just glad I was able to take advantage of an opportunity. I mean on the stat sheet it shows the makes and misses, but really there's so much more that goes into it. Really the blocking was fantastic, the snaps, the holds, everything was great. It was a great, efficient operation tonight."

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