Riddle: My wish list for Macon concerts

Special to The TelegraphSeptember 6, 2013 

I am a music junkie. I will spend my last dollar on an a new album if I am excited enough about the music and figure out how I will eat later. It’s that serious with me when it comes to music.

I want to see more quality live music here in Macon. I don’t feel it’s fair that I have to head to Atlanta to see some of the shows I would like to see here. I agree that sometimes it is nice to get away for the weekend, but I would love to head into downtown and catch a new up-and-coming act that’s getting some national attention.

For a long time, Macon had a reputation of not coming out for concerts. I am going to state that is no longer the case. We turned out in droves for Elton John. When I saw the number of tickets sold for Luke Bryan’s first visit to Middle Georgia, I thought it was a misprint and that someone had added an extra zero.

We deserve more than the occasional visit from a megastar or cover bands that sound as close to the real deal as possible. This is Macon! We can lay claim to some of the architects of rock ’n’ roll, soul and Southern rock!

So, here’s my wish list of groups I would like to see perform in Macon.

Alabama Shakes: This seems like a perfect fit for a concert here in Macon. They tiptoe down a line that is made up of Southern rock, folk, soul, Americana and blues. We love all those styles here in Macon. This group was nominated for three Grammy Awards in 2013 for their debut album.

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings: In a city where soul music keeps everything moving, Sharon Jones seems like an easy pick. She helped start the new soul movement and her band, the Dap Kings, were the band behind Amy Winehouse’s sound. Her live show harkens back to the days of the “soul revue,” something that has been missing around Macon for far too long.

My Morning Jacket: Macon has had a growing love affair with indie rock for the past few years thanks to the events promoted by the Blue Indian. It would only make sense to have the band that is currently at the forefront of that sound to perform and to keep the genre inspired.

With venues such as the Cox Capitol Theatre, the Crazy Bull, City Auditorium and the Macon Coliseum, we have the space to host any size concert. With more and more people moving into downtown, we have plenty of people to attend live shows.

Now, we need someone to take advantage of the demand and start booking great acts!

Contact Roger Riddle at roger.riddle@gmail.com.

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