September 4, 2013 


Brazelton, Bryce Charles, born Aug. 14 to Justin and Kayla (Leffler) Brazelton of Warner Robins.

Cockrell, Kelly Lamar, born Aug. 14 to Veronica Cockrell of Warner Robins.

Edwards, Lucas James, born Aug. 14 to Wanda Burnham and Jordan Edwards of Warner Robins.

Howard, Ayden O’mir, born Aug. 14 to Ricshetta Collier and Ralph Howard of Warner Robins.

Waters, Baileigh Denise, born Aug. 14 to Shanice Waters of Montezuma.

Blevins, Sadie Claire, born Aug. 15 to Aaron and Melissa (Banks) Blevins of Kathleen.

Duncan, Kenleigh Jenelle, born Aug. 15 to Courtney and Briuna (Green) Duncan of Warner Robins.

Eargle, Frederick Lee, born Aug. 15 to Stormy Disher and Robert Eargle of Byron.

Humphrey, Hudson Sara, born Aug. 15 to Brad and Samantha (Murphy) Humphrey of Warner Robins.

Walker, Charles Gauge, born Aug. 15 to John and Jeana (Browning) Walker of Perry.

Wells, Nash Steven, born Aug. 15 to Laura (Dosier) Miller and Nick Wells of Warner Robins.

Edwards, Xander Kenneth, born Aug. 16 to Jarrod and Holly (Coleman) Edwards of Warner Robins.

VanNostrand, Wyatt Stephen, born Aug. 16 to Jon and Kristie A. (Piascik) VanNostrand of Bonaire.

Williams, Madison Johna, born Aug. 16 to David and Johna (Hill) Williams of Warner Robins.

Thomas, Kei’Mavri Cash, born Aug. 17 to Destiny Shennett and Philanderis Thomas of Warner Robins.

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