AC Pup: They all said yes to extending a helping hand

August 30, 2013 

It makes me so happy to know people read my column each Saturday. It makes me even happier to know sometimes someone is inspired.

I love stories about kindness, compassion and good deeds. I saw all of those elements in action recently as a result of one of my columns.

You may recall my article about Mr. Jesse Faust and his dog, Lady. Mr. Jesse is the disabled man hit by a car in April.

The accident damaged his motorized wheelchair and, sadly, it’s never been repaired. But the outpouring of kindness following the article amazed me.

So I’d like for you to know the backstory that surrounded Mr. Jesse getting a new wheelchair. And I want to name names -- names of people who chose to get involved to help someone and names of people who put kindness into action.

Miss Pamela Shivers read my column and was touched by Mr. Jesse’s story of not having a dependable way to visit Lady since his wheelchair was damaged. She knew her stepfather and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Emory Center, had a wheelchair that was not being used so she asked if they would be willing to allow Mr. Jesse to have it. They said yes.

Then my Aunt Patti Jones was contacted about the offer and she began to make arrangements. Miss Leslie Mannheim from Save a Pet, where Lady stays, was asked if she could bring Lady when the wheelchair was presented to Mr. Jesse. She said yes.

Aunt Patti knew strong men would be needed to lift the chair in and out of a truck. She figured some muscular football players would fit the bill. So she contacted Miss Renita Eversole at First Presbyterian Day School to ask for her help. Miss Renita said yes.

Miss Renita enlisted the assistance of FPD’s football team mother, Miss Dessie Merriwether. Miss Dessie said yes. Then Coach Greg Moore said yes. Then the parents, principal and teachers said yes.

So a plan was in place and a date was made. That’s when the wonderful young men from FPD showed what community service is all about.

Will Black, Regan Green, Kam Hunter, Jonathan Raines, Caleb Samuels and Martin Wilson all said yes to helping Mr. Jesse. These young men not only physically carried the chair, they spent time talking with Mr. Jesse and getting to know him.

I’m sure FPD is very proud of these young men. They represented the school and their families exceptionally well.

And finally, the media said yes. They did an excellent job of sharing this terrific story.

This list of names is a who’s who of people that set a good example for all of us. Isn’t it incredible what can happen when we say yes to kindness?

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