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semerson@macon.comAugust 27, 2013 

Aaron Murray being interviewed.



ATHENS - Now here's the part where Aaron Murray probably wishes he had just kept his mouth shut.

During interviews Tuesday, a reporter noticed that Murray looked kind of sleepy. So he asked the Georgia star quarterback if he had just woken up. No, Murray answered, he was glossy-eyed because he was still getting used to wearing contacts, which he began using last week.

And of course this led down the path you would expect.

No, he is not planning on wearing them in games, though he could eventually. But no, he doesn't think they're necessary.

"My eyes aren't that bad," Murray said, explaining that he's just wearing them during the day to try to get used to them. "It's just in class, if I'm sitting in the back, small words up on the screen give me a little trouble. Really my eyes are fine."

You can see safeties downfield, right?

"Yes, I can see safeties, and I can see color," Murray said, laughing and realizing that this was about to become a whole thing. "No excuses because of eyes, that's for sure. ... I see fine. It has not effected me at all in practice. No, not at all."

Murray has averaged less than an interception per game during his career - 32 in 41 games. He has completed 61.5 percent of his passes, including 64.5 last season. Vision, he says, has never been a problem on the football field.

"If I get used to them and I'm not having this glazed look in my eyes, then yes I might (wear them in games)," Murray said. "But I don't know who wears contacts, all y'all have glasses on, but it just takes awhile to get used to."

The one thing he will rule out is wearing a glove on his throwing hand. That Liberty Bowl his freshman year took care of that.

"No, I definitely can't wear those. I'll get killed," Murray said, laughing.

Then it returned to more discussion of football, Clemson and goals for 2013.

A minute later, another reporter pulled up.

"I walked up late," he said, "how long have you start wearing contacts?"

Murray buried his head and smiled.

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