Centerville to buy license plate readers for police

Telegraph correspondentAugust 20, 2013 

CENTERVILLE -- City Council spent the bulk of its Tuesday work session discussing and approving $56,000-plus in expenditures for the city’s police, fire, and water and sewer departments.

All items were in one way or another budgeted with funds coming from various department budgets.

Expenditures included:

• $18,720 for a mobile, computerized license plate reader for the Centerville Police Department;

• $4,659 for a laptop to be installed in a police vehicle in relation to the tag reader;

• $26,000 for a new truck for the city’s water and sewer department, which was budgeted for and will be purchased out of water and sewer funds;

• $3,975 for a utility line locator for the water and sewer department, also a budgeted item coming from water and sewer’s budget;

• $3,054 for an ice machine to replace a 20-year-old machine at the city’s fire department, which officials said is used by members of the fire department as well as members of the police department, water and sewer department, and at times, community members. Cost will be shared from fire department and water and sewer budgets.

All expenditures requiring a vote were unanimously approved.

In discussing the license plate reader, Councilman Cameron Andrews said he initially had concerns about the reader and potential privacy issues.

Calling himself a “hard sell” on the reader, he said after seeing results and after receiving assurances the tag-reading system did not keep personal data, he saw its value in getting lawbreakers off Centerville’s roads.

Due to Mayor John Harley and several council members’ plans to attend city government classes on the same date as next month’s scheduled council work session, Council voted to move the session up one week from Sept. 17 to Sept 10.

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