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August 20, 2013 

Each election cycle, The Telegraph's Editorial Board interviews candidates for selected races in order to determine who would serve the area best. As we have done before, a citizen panel has joined the Editorial Board for those interviews and deliberated along with the board to determine who the newspaper will endorse. Below are links to the interviews the Editorial Board conducted.

Joe Allen interview
Charlie Bishop interview
David Cousino interview
Jack Ellis interview
Sam Hart interview
Robert Reichert interview

District 1, Macon-Bibb commission
Gary Bechtel interview
Harold Young interview

District 2, Macon-Bibb commission
Paul Bronson interview
Henry Ficklin declined to be interviewed
Larry Schlesinger interview

District 3, Macon-Bibb commission
Elaine Lucas interview
Terry Tripp interview

District 4, Macon-Bibb commission
Mallory Jones interview
Beverly Olson interview
Theron Ussery interview

District 5, Macon-Bibb commission
Due to technical difficulties, the District 5 interviews will not be posted

District 6, Macon-Bibb commission
Robert Abbott interview
Chhor Char interview
Ed DeFore interview
Adah Roberts interview

District 7, Macon-Bibb commission
Eric Arnold interview
Barry Bell interview
Scotty Shepherd interview

District 8, Macon-Bibb commission
Due to technical difficulties, the District 8 interviews will not be posted

District 9, Macon-Bibb commission
Al Tillman interview
James Timley declined to be interviewed


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