National Fairgrounds a win-win for Middle Georgia

August 16, 2013 

There are a lot of things about the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter some could take issue with. Macon natives still smart that the facility was built in Perry off Interstate-75 instead of a muddy field east of Interstate-475 in Macon. It could also be said that the National Fair, first held in 1990, was the death blow to the Georgia State Fair held at Central City Park. Now the fairgrounds need some tender loving care and it’s going to take all hands on deck to make sure the fairgrounds gets what it needs. All area lawmakers should present a full-court regional press during the next budget cycle of the General Assembly.

Fair administrators are asking for $10 million in capital project money to spruce the facility up -- mainly to resurface and seal-coat the parking areas. Some parts of the parking areas look pockmarked like divots on a golf course and everyone knows Reaves Arena could use some updating. All the buildings could also use a coat of fresh paint.

While the annual fair is the event most known to Middle Georgians, there are several other activities that draw thousands of visitors during the year. The National Barrel Horse Association Youth World Show drew 52,000 people over seven days last month. Events such as the world show and others are constantly approached by other facilities dangling new bells and whistles. It’s important the national fairgrounds remain competitive.

No need for jealousy here. When people come to Perry, they branch out to see other Middle Georgia attractions and it is a win-win for everyone.

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