Tuition drop expected for out-of-county Houston students

jmink@macon.comAugust 12, 2013 

PERRY -- Tuition for students of Houston County schools employees, who live outside of the county but attend Houston schools, will decrease slightly this academic year if approved Tuesday by the Houston County Board of Education.

Officials proposed Monday a yearly tuition of $2,190, which is about $164 less than last year, Stephen Thublin, assistant superintendent for finance and business operations, said during a board work session.

As part of their employee benefits, workers within the school system can enroll their children in Houston County schools if they live outside of the district, but they must pay a tuition.

While the number of out-of-county students fluctuates, the tuition currently applies to about 50 to 60 students.

The proposed tuition decrease is due to a drop in expenditures on certified health insurance, which allowed district officials to lower tuition costs, Thublin said.

“But this will probably be the low point,” he said.

Tuition is expected to increase in the future, as employee health insurance costs are predicted to climb, Thublin said.

“It’s good that we can pass that savings onto the employees” this year, Vice Chairman Fred Wilson said.

Gym upgrades

Board members also will vote on the second phase of gym renovations at 16 elementary and middle schools.

The $1.7 million project is slated to begin in September and end around the beginning of 2014, said Jason Daniel, facilities director.

The project includes renovations on gym floors, painting and lights in the schools, with some of the middle schools getting new bleachers.

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