AC Pup: Jesse and Lady looking for happy ending

August 9, 2013 

All Jesse Faust wants for Christmas is a little help building an escape-proof pen for Lady, who is quite the getaway girl.


Mr. Jesse Faust knows what it’s like to experience a deep love for a pet. In fact, Mr. Jesse considers Lady, his yellow Lab mix, to be his family. Being with Lady is the reason Mr. Jesse gets out of bed.

You see Mr. Jesse is confined to a wheelchair. Lady’s his constant companion and was his roommate when he lived at a personal care home in Macon.

My Aunt Patti Jones met them one day when they were near her office. She was fascinated by Mr. Jesse’s devotion to Lady and amazed by Lady’s adoration of Mr. Jesse.

So Aunt Patti, Mr. Jesse and Lady developed a friendship that’s lasted through the years. Many of their conversations are about how Lady enriches the quality of Mr. Jesse’s life. Lady’s probably the reason Mr. Jesse continues to thrive.

Unfortunately though, Mr. Jesse had to move from the home in Macon to one in Bolingbroke. Lady was not allowed to go, and she and Mr. Jesse were separated for a time. Needless to say, Mr. Jesse and Lady both were devastated.

Aunt Patti told Mr. Jesse’s story to the sweet people at Save a Pet Inc. in Bolingbroke. Their kennel is located very near the home where Mr. Jesse lives. They were so kind to offer Lady a space at their kennel so she and Mr. Jesse could be near each other.

So every day, Mr. Jesse rides his wheelchair to the kennel to see Lady. He dresses her in custom-made dresses and takes her for walks. They spend most of their time waving and greeting people along U.S. 41 and Rivoli Road. They’re fixtures in the neighborhood. People stop to chat with them and take their picture.

Except in April of this year. That’s when a vehicle hit Mr. Jesse and Lady when he was returning her to the kennel. Lady was unharmed, but Mr. Jesse was seriously injured and his wheelchair damaged.

Thankfully after being hospitalized, Mr. Jesse survived although his wheelchair was never repaired. But a broken chair could not stop him from going to see Lady. He still rides in his damaged chair every day to take her for walks.

They’re facing a new danger, though. Save A Pet Inc. will be moving in October from its current location. The rescue group is building a new shelter on property too far away for Mr. Jesse to travel.

So Mr. Jesse is looking for a handicapped accessible place in Macon where he and Lady can live together again. Neither one of them can bear the heartache of being separated again. They know being together is the reason each of them exists.

If you know of the perfect place, please email me at We want to keep this family together.

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