Your Say: No respect for patient rights

Special to The TelegraphAugust 5, 2013 

I am not one who likes publicity, but after what happened to me in a major hospital in Central Georgia last August, I will make an exception. God has blessed me with being a national inventor of which every person in the U.S.A. benefits since February 1980.

It is obvious this hospital held me captive for four days against my constitutional rights due to my many discoveries of curative medicines as they even reported it to Medicare. The hospital did not approve of the God-given discoveries such as 100 percent curative of hundreds of ruptured discs without surgery in a few days. One hundred percent healing of all antibiotic cyst and infection within 10 days.

My blessed cardiologist admitted me to that hospital due to a low pulse. In minutes he found the problem and called in the next morning to dismiss me. Where upon this teaching professor came in and told me I was not going anywhere. They were going to keep me for 10 to 16 days and I would never be able to see, hear or walk again and that my family could put me in a nursing home. Adolf Hitler would love to have had her on his staff.

Every time my family would leave she would parade a number of medical students into my room. Bragging that they could see in person a 71-year-old patient losing his ability to see, hear or walk in 14 days while ridiculing my medical achievements.

For three days I thought my cardiologist was preforming heart surgery and would soon get me released. On the fourth day, this “teaching doctor” informed me that my doctor had released me earlier in the week and once she had me disabled so completely I could go to a nursing home.

I was only able to escape when I got my cell phone charged so that Gov. Nathan Deal could get me out of the hospital with the car.

There are many honest doctors and hospitals yet some are despicable. She bragged to Medicare, a federal agency, that she held me against my will for three or more days. A federal offense.

Clarence Eugene Brown is a resident of Byron.

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