Emery Highway accident leaves man in critical condition

lfabian@macon.comJuly 29, 2013 

An elderly driver is in critical condition after crashing down an embankment Monday afternoon on Emery Highway.

Clarence Wells was stopped at the light near the Ocmulgee National Monument when he felt the impact of the man’s Ford Escort hitting the back bumper of his Toyota Celica ST.

The unidentified driver, believed to be in his 80s and from Wilkinson County, hit the driver’s side of a Ford Ranger pickup and veered off.

“He was almost straddling the median, just spitting up dust everywhere, like he was out of control and just bouncing and then he disappeared,” Wells said.

Earnest Strong was working at Unique Auto Body when he saw the red sedan careening east down the highway.

He figured the driver might be suffering a heart attack as he watched the car cross the other lanes of traffic, go off the road and into a gully.

The car crashed through a bunch of bushes and narrowly missed a tree, Strong said.

The car started up a hill near A&T Cleaners on Jeffersonville Road and stopped with its tires still spinning.

“A guy from the Macon Water Authority, he came over there and pried his foot off the accelerator,” Strong said. “It’s just a blessing nobody didn’t get killed.”

Macon police fatality investigators blocked off the highway for about two hours to mark the points of impact and gather evidence, because of the serious condition of the driver, who was rushed to the hospital.

Macon police officers detoured drivers up Reese Street and Indian Circle to keep the stretch of highway clear during the investigation.

The pickup driver was thankful she survived without a scratch when her window shattered.

“The good Lord was with me because I had my window down and my arm out and I don’t even have a cut,” the woman said.

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