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July 29, 2013 

Quiet time

After seeing all the news reports and hearing all the radio talk shows and reading all the letters in the Opinion Section of The Telegraph about this George Zimmerman trial, I have to stop and ask myself a question: Aren’t these people on both sides missing the big picture here? There are two families -- not just two people -- but families whose lives have been dramatically altered forever.

Does it really matter to any of the big chest beaters and loudmouths on both sides the continued damage that is being inflicted upon these families so we can have a political soapbox and agenda to rattle our swords about? The way I see it, the tragedy was caused not by one side but by both parties involved. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see a winner anywhere in this.

Both sides can present a lot of valid information. Both sides want to point out how the other side is so wrong and are using this incident to promote their self-serving agendas. I say both sides are guilty and should be ashamed. They need to be quiet and let the families try to find a way to live with some dignity and in private to deal with their losses.

I don’t claim to understand all that went on. In reality, there are only two people who do. The issues are far too complex and run way too deep to find any of the answers on a cable news shows, talk radio and just plain hate-filled letters from both sides in the editorial section of this or any newspaper. I say to both sides, please be thoughtful and just be quiet.

-- Don O’Neal


Kairos Ministry

I read with great interest the article on the Kairos Ministry in the paper, on July 20, in the Living Section. I am a member of the Kairos Ministry here in Macon. We serve Central State Prison on Fulton Mill Road, just off Eisenhower Parkway. It is the most rewarding ministry I have ever participated in. Many of the prisoners feel that no one cares what happens to them, and there is no future for them. This is why 75 percent of them end up back in prison.

Statistics show that when they participate in the Kairos program and are released, only 25 percent return to the prison system. I have seen the walls hardened prisoners put up come down when they hear how much God loves them. My name is Bill Wendt, and I would like to talk with anyone who would be interested in joining Kairos. It will be a joyful experience for you. My cellphone number is 941-744-7555.

-- Bill Wendt


Shifting burdens

As a fiscal conservative and former head of the Tax Committee for the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, I believe in tax reform, especially to balance budgets. But, the effort to do away with Georgia income taxes is just wrong headed.

What will replace income taxes? The junior level legislators proposing this course suggest a much higher sales tax, placing an even greater burden on low-income folks who can least afford taxes.

Before they are through, I am certain these inexperienced, myopic legislators, will also end up suggesting that more can be absorbed on the local level, via counties and cities. Do you really want your property taxes to go up so that state officials can get re-elected?

This is just one more in a long line of high profile publicity stunts that do absolutely nothing to make government more efficient or effective. This scheme just shuffles the tax money around so that whoever is giving campaign donations to these politicians wins and the rest of us lose.

-- Jack Bernard


The abyss

The widening of Forest Hill Road is just another attempt of flight from the plight, rather than fight the abyss that is the inter-Bibb County. This city has long had the attitude “don’t fix anything, just move away from it.” Who is going to apologize to the people who live in the abyss for making their lives worse and to those who fall into the ever enlarging pit. Who will compensate those who lose their neighborhood stores, have an ever-growing crime problem, lose jobs and have worsening schools and services?

Recently, I met someone who had a large oak tree fall on their home. The tree looked healthy, but was dead and rotting inside. You cannot keep moving the town. Take care of the center of town and the whole county will flourish. Don’t forget the people in the center, improve the town. Don’t let Forest Hill Road become an escape route for a few privileged persons.

-- Bobby Chastain


2012 opportunity missed

President Obama and his phony scandals? This desperate man is unbelievable. Obama is our first African-American president and our first phony president. In light of his accomplishments, Obama should be relegated to the dust bin of history. Too bad, too sad we can’t do that now.

-- Walter Huckeba



Rumor is that Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Correy is preparing to charge George Zimmerman for wrecking that Ford Explorer in Sanford last week and forcefully removing the occupants from their own car against their wishes. Charges are expected to be, “driving while ‘White-Hispanic’” “racially profiling the occupants of the rollover crash (although their race is unknown at this time),” “breaking and entering” a motor vehicle and “assault and battery” for dragging the family from the smoking vehicle. He will also be charged with “potentially aggressive use of a fire extinguisher” and “littering” for the fire suppression foam left on the roadside. All is well in liberal-land.

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

Today’s prayer

Everlasting Father, you are my refuge and my strength, an ever present help in the time of trouble. Father, we can always go to your word for comfort on matter what we are going through. Show me how to use what you have given me to do good. Don’t let me allow my energy to turn it into something bad. Amen.

-- Bessie R. Brown


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