Warner Robins waterpark: All problems are not created equal

July 28, 2013 

There are some problems that are not really problems and are good problems to have. Some businesses are up to their necks in customers and they have to hire more employees to handle the flow.

Warner Robins has a problem. They could call it an embarrassment of riches. The city has two developers who see a future in a water park facility in their town.

Water parks have been a fad of late. Wild Adventures opened near Valdosta in 1996 with a combination of animal attractions, daredevil rides and a water park. Who knew? Other communities have been trying to strike liquid gold, too. Columbus just opened a water-themed attraction using the natural resource of the Chattahoochee, “River City Rush.” It combines several whitewater disciplines accommodating rafters to floaters. They tout it as the “longest urban whitewater course in the world.”

Some communities that have followed the stream of money have instead watched as the tide flowed out never to return. Success is not guaranteed. That’s why it’s important for city leaders in Warner Robins to be cautious. Each developer should approach the city with their plans and may the best plan win.

There can only be one and obviously, the local developer has a leg up on the Atlanta developer. He already owns the land and other infrastructure is in place.

That said, the city should not be in the business of picking winners and losers. And it should conduct its business openly in public. This case proves that secrets are hard to keep.

It could be a headache figuring all of it out, but what a problem to have.

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