AC Pup: Memorial is respectful way to remember those you love

July 26, 2013 

There’s nothing quite like the relationship between a pet and a person. There’s an unbreakable bond of such depth that develops that’s hard to understand and practically impossible to describe unless you’ve personally experienced it. But if you’ve ever shared the incredible love of a pet, you know what I’m talking about.

I’m not entirely sure how the pet parent feels, but I have an idea. I think parents who are really connected to their pets communicate their deepest feelings, fears, secrets and dreams. I think they tell their pets things they would never tell another living soul because they know we’ll keep their secrets, we’ll accept them just as they are and we’ll love them no matter what.

What I can speak to is the animal’s view towards his parent. I can tell you that you are the center of your pet’s universe. Your pet believes his very existence depends on spending time with you.

He will be loyal to you until his dying day. In fact, he would lay down his life for you.

Even when life roughs you up, he’ll be waiting for you at home to let you know you are the most wonderful person God ever created. When everything around you crumbles and others have turned their back on you, you can count on your pet to be there.

Your dog or cat will let you know that no matter what your boss, co-worker, teacher or classmate says, he thinks you are the most fascinating, successful, creative genius who has ever worn two shoes. In fact, he longs to just sit at your feet or in your lap adoring the marvelous wonder that is his parent.

Your pet will do for you what no therapist can. Your pet will offer you acceptance like no other. For the rest of his life, he will fill a void in your heart like no one else can.

But just as life goes, there will be a day when this beloved pet’s life comes to an end. There may be no deeper sorrow than when you must say goodbye to a pet that has blessed your life in such a meaningful way.

It would seem only fitting to memorialize them and offer a final tribute to share what they meant to you. My friends at The Telegraph are allowing you to do just that.

You may submit pet obituaries along with a photograph of your precious pets to the newspaper to honor their memory and to share a little about their lives. For information about pricing and how to submit your memorial tributes, please call Angel at The Telegraph at 478-744-4268.

What a great way to express your thoughts about pets you loved so much.

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