Now it’s up to the voters of Bibb County

July 26, 2013 

It’s almost settled. After the General Assembly approved a consolidation plan for Macon/Bibb County in 2012, and voters approved it later that year -- and all the changes in qualifying and election dates -- voters finally have the slate of candidates who want to run the new government.

There are 32 souls vying for one of the 10 positions. Most of the names will be familiar. Eighteen either hold office now or have held office in the past. Another six have run, unsuccessfully, for office. Eight are political virgins, if you include a candidate that is certified as a write-in candidate.

When qualifying ended the first time, there were two districts, District 1 and District 9, that had no opposition. Now, every district has at least two candidates and six districts have three candidates.

Now it is up to the 32 candidates to make their cases to the people, but will the people respond? Bibb County is not known for exceptionally high voter turnout in non-presidential years, but maybe a new pattern will emerge.

There are two dates voters and potential voters have to remember. The first is Aug. 19. That is the last day to register to vote in the Sept. 17 election. Early voting begins on Aug. 26. There is no valid excuse for any of the county’s 90,890 voters not to get to the polls on or before Sept. 17.

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