AC Pup: Rain is nice, but it brings its problems

July 12, 2013 

Is it just me, or have you had your fill of the rain? I appreciate how beautiful and green it makes everything, but enough already!

While the rain may be great for your poppies, it may not be so great for your puppies. Your kitties might not be crazy about it either. Perhaps these tips will make the soggy weather a little more tolerable and safe for your pets.

The rain showers we’ve had this spring and summer didn’t come alone. They brought along loud thunderstorms and flashing lightning for company.

The scary sights and sounds have caused so many pets to make a run for it this summer, trying to get away from the noise of the storms. This left frantic parents searching for lost pets, and my Facebook friends and me joining in to help.

So when you expect an active thunderstorm, which has been most every day, please make arrangements to keep your pet safe. If there’s any way he can stay inside, that’s ideal. But if that’s not possible, please take every precaution to prevent him from escaping from a fenced yard out of sheer fear.

Another thing to consider if your pet cannot come inside is how to keep him dry and away from the elements. Outside pets must have access to excellent shelter without exception. A quality built doghouse with enough space so rain does not blow inside is a requirement.

Please make sure his house does not leak. Check the roof and walls to confirm it’s watertight. Also, situate the house off the ground high enough so pooled water doesn’t invade the floor of your pet’s house. And always check to see that his bedding is warm and dry.

The rainy season also creates a hazard for pets from the proliferation of fleas and mosquitoes. Not only are fleas and mosquitoes annoying, but they’re actually dangerous for your pets.

In addition to being a nuisance, a severe flea infestation may result in anemia. And if your pet happens to ingest a flea while trying to rid himself of the aggravating pest, he could get tapeworms. It all sounds really nasty.

Mosquitoes can cause fatal problems for your pets. They’re carriers for deadly heartworms that put your pet at risk if bitten. And if you spend any amount of time outside following continual rain, you and your pets probably will be bitten. Heartworms are relentless in their destruction of your pet’s health.

The good news is there is terrific preventive medicine for both fleas and heartworms. Please have your veterinarian test your pet for heartworms and prescribe preventive medication.

No matter how tired of the rain we become, we’ll survive this rainy season. Please take the necessary steps to make sure your pet does too.

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