Lake Wildwood residents unsure why gunman targeted their home

hgoodridge@macon.comJuly 12, 2013 

Marcus Walker was expecting company late Thursday.

When he heard knocking at the door of his Lake Wildwood home, he thought they had arrived.

Walker shares the Greentree Parkway home with two other men. His roommate, Wade Brown, answered the door.

It was a man asking to use the phone.

“He said his car broke down at the stop sign,” Brown said. “I got that feeling, you know, like you’re being violated.”

With dozens of homes between his and the stop signs in either direction, Brown figured something was wrong.

“Why did he come to my house?” he wondered.

Walker was upstairs looking out the window and could hear the man at the door. “It sounded fishy,” he said.

The man repeated his request, then tried to snatch Brown out of the house.

“I heard Wade say ‘bruh! bruh! bruh!’ ” said Walker, who rushed to the door and pulled Brown back into the house, then slammed the door shut.

Another man, who was outside crouched near the door, fired a series of gunshots at the house.

Brown ran upstairs to check on his 9-year-old son.

Their third roommate, a military reservist who was preparing to go to drills Friday morning, retrieved his handgun, went outside and fired a couple of shots in the air.

“I wanted to let them know we had something, too,” he said.

“I was in Iraq and I never heard anything like that,” Walker said. “They didn’t have any masks covering their faces or anything. I think their plan was to get in the house and kill us.”

The men said they didn’t have any idea who would want to harm them.

“We’re all bachelors. We have cookouts. We have women over -- a lot,” Walker said, adding that maybe the confrontation was over a female.

Another roommate pondered that since they’re three professional men, maybe the gunmen thought they had valuables inside the house.

Busted windows, two shot-up cars and bullet fragments inside and outside the house remained Friday afternoon.

“We’re not staying here tonight,” Walker said. “They might come back.”

Anyone with any information is urged to call 746-9441 or Macon Regional CrimeStoppers at (877) 68CRIME.

To contact writer Harold Goodridge, call 744-4382.

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