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July 12, 2013 

Happy birthday

If ever the Opinion page of a local newspaper would serve as a medium for extending birthday wishes to a local citizen, it could not do so on behalf of one more deserving than retired Bibb County educator, Lillian Kelly Mahone. She will celebrate 100 years on July 13. Many of us aging baby boomers will remember Mrs. Mahone in her distinguished career in the 1950s and ’60s as principal of the old Ellsworth Hall Elementary School on Shurling Drive, and later taking the reins of Springdale Elementary School at its inception. Mahone was an accomplished, compassionate butt no-nonsense educator, and the schools she headed were year-in and year-out top-tiered in achievement by both the measurable standards of the day and perception within the community.

Our neighborhood contemporaries knew her by virtue of friendships with her two children. Having been tragically widowed at a young age, she faced career and personal challenges with determination and class. She raised and nurtured a son and daughter, both returned home to begin their respective professional practices -- one an orthopedic surgeon, the other a veterinarian. I guess it could be said that, as head of household, she did OK.

She remarried later in life to a wonderful gentleman and, in surviving his passing, she remains remarkable in her physical health as she resides in a care facility, beloved by staff and residents. I can’t wait to hear how she handled all those candles.

-- A. Hall Killen


Term limits

House Resolution 15 proposed by Rep. Jose Serrano, D-NY, would repeal the 22nd Amendment that places term limits on presidents. If passed, this would allow a president to be elected as many times as he/she wants. Please notify your senators and representatives that we are aware of their underhanded dealings. Wake up people. Soon you will have no choice as many countries are experiencing.

-- Louis Kitchens


Recognition thanks

I would like to offer my personal thanks and sincere gratitude to Mayor Chuck Shaheen for presenting the Air Force Reserve Command with the key to the city of Warner Robins last week. Warner Robins’ recognition of the command’s three decades of support to the annual Independence Day Celebration is greatly appreciated.

Although the weather didn’t cooperate and allow the concert or fireworks, the gesture demonstrates the continuing relationship between the International City and the Air Force Reserve Command. The support and cooperation between our communities has ensured the success of this annual event these many years.

Additionally, I would like to thank the Warner Robins Civitan Club and its members for their countless hours of effort to host the concert featuring Reserve Generation, the Band of the Air Force Reserve’s rock ensemble. This concert would have been the final performance of Reserve Generation, and I can think of no better venue for the band’s curtain call than McConnell-Talbert Stadium on Independence Day.

On behalf of the men and women of the Air Force Reserve Command and our families, please accept our appreciation for the city’s support to our military members and civilian employees serving here and throughout the world, defending our most precious freedoms.

-- Lt. Gen. James F. Jackson

Chief of the Air Force Reserve and Commander, Air Force Reserve Command

Are all experts?

Who cares what Paula Deen said 25 or 30 years ago? The only people who stand to gain from the situation are the racists and antagonists. The media keeps bringing up that she is losing her empire. The most distasteful part of all is not what she said but the fact that she had an empire. She is nothing more than an extremely overpaid cook. Maybe the market is correcting itself. Deen made a major mistake by being truthful. If she had acted like any politician in elected office, she would have lied through her teeth and kept her empire.

The July 4 paper had several Viewpoints pieces that were either self-centered or mistaken. From the statement about tree worship, it sounds like David J. Griffin’s motto should be “To hell with the next 100 generations, lets go burn a rain forest.”

On the same page Neal Snyder insinuates that Erick Erickson is a Christian. Congratulations, Erickson, you have repeated “I am a Christian” enough times that at least one person has been fooled.

In the Opinion section, it says that Walter Williams is a professor of economics, yet he didn’t say anything about the field he is trained in. Being a professor does not qualify him in any other field. Being a tree surgeon does not qualify a person to explain how to do brain surgery.

Thomas Sowell, it says, is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. Sowell, like Erick Erickson, seems to think that saying something over and over will make it true. He kept referring to the “evil left” and never mentioned the evil right. The Hoover Institute is owned by the Republican Party which means that a few billionaires that control the Grover Norquist dummy and thus the Republicans, also control Sowell. Sowell will believe whatever the billionaires tell him to believe.

-- Dennis Arthur


Protect the trash

Today I read an article that really upset me. It was about a young Marine in Atlanta who has been back from Afghanistan who has been applying for benefits for over a year and still has not been approved. I thought this was something our wonderful president was going to fix, at least according to his big mouth.

We should all be ashamed. Fox is the only network that will report on this. MSNBC seems more concerned with gay rights than they do our fighting men and women who protect the trash they are so concerned about.

-- Phillip Giles


Equal time

On the news today, all three broadcasts ran the story of the employees from Robins Air Force Base being furloughed and how tough it was going to be, with rent and bills not changing, etc.

This is what Bibb County school teachers have been dealing with for the last few years, on their meager salaries. And the teachers end up using part of their small income for school supplies for their own students, since families cannot, many times, pay for the basics their children need in the classroom.

So let’s do some equal time and interview some of the hard working teachers who take care of our children, and see how they have had to do without so that their students won’t have to.

-- Jo Garcia


Which plane?

The Warner Robins City Council cannot decide which air vehicle to park out at the Interstate to best advertise the local military base. Twice the “gang” has met and haggled over how best to move that old T-33 out and bring in a relatively “new” state of the art air vehicle to replace it. Minor problem: money. The T-33 was an old aircraft when I entered the service in 1957, the F-15 first came to Robins for maintenance about 1975, so it also is “not new.”

As for the money, the air museum is getting rid of 20-something aircraft this year. Guess they just cannot maintain them in show condition. What makes City Council believe that whatever finally makes it to the Interstate can and will be maintained in appropriate “show condition”?

Maybe the best answer is to forget the whole idea

-- Ken Brown


Prayer for Today

Father, thank you for the comfort of the presence of you in my life. In a world where there is no peace, thank you for the peace you give my soul. Father, I thank you for giving me the experience of enjoying your presence. Thank you for drawing me inwardly unto you. Amen.

-- Bessie R. Brown


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