July 10, 2013 


Bell, Torryn Denise, born June 15 to Alisa Bell of Fort Valley.

Davis, Jayla Ka’Mara, born June 15 to Schameshia Jackson and Denzel Davis of Warner Robins.

Reeves, Kaden Jamar, born June 15 to Dominique Reeves of Butler.

Bruce, Zachary James Jr., born June 16 to Crystal Curtis and Zachary Bruce of Warner Robins.

Ellis, Mariah Racell, born June 16 to Erica Owens and Parish Ellis of Fort Valley.

Gatchell, Sylas Jaxson, born June 17 to Amanda (Presnall) Davis and Shane Gatchell of Warner Robins.

Helms, Alyce Cerin, born June 17 to Shanna (Mason) Helms and Richard Helms Sr. of Kathleen.

Kelley, Lillyana Marie, born June 17 to Jason and Justine (Nelson) Kelley of Marshallville.

Harris, Trey Anthony, born June 18 to Sheila and Christopher Harris Sr. of Warner Robins.

Passmore, Cor’mani Kabriel, born June 18 to Caltavia Richardson and Cordney Passmore of Byron.

Pope, Adalae Marie, born June 18 to Heather Mercer and Michael Pope of Macon.

Powell, Wayne Laren, born June 18 to Barbara and Chad Powell of Warner Robins.

Rountree, Remington Marlene, born June 19 to Steven and Amanda (Perlman) Rountree of Bonaire.

Barnes, Tucker Ellis, born June 20 to Trent and Blake (Ford) Barnes of Perry.

McNulty, Trinity Hope, born June 20 to Sean and Ashley (Trent) McNulty of Hawkinsville.

Sutton, James Grayson, born June 20 to Megan Garner and James Sutton of Perry.

Fowler, Colten Jase, born June 21 to Brandon and Deanna (Harvard) Fowler of Kathleen.

Gray, KaMari Layloni, born June 21 to Latanya Gray of Warner Robins.

Holmes, Maylee Clarabelle, born June 21 to Breanne Willard and Shayne Holmes of Perry.

Icard, Charlee Grace, born June 21 to Jared and Cristie (Mitchem) Icard of Warner Robins.

Lane, Octravis Demarcus Jr., born June 21 to Quanesia Johnson and Octravis Lane of Perry.

Murray, Cheyenne Elizabeth, born June 21 to Andrew and Elizabeth (Rodriguez) Murray of Warner Robins.

Peacock, Brylee Shae, born June 21 to Courtney Jacobs and William Peacock of Warner Robins.

Peavy, Kaden, born June 21 to Angelica Peavy of Warner Robins.

Pierce, Tessa Jo, born June 22 to Joseph and Ashley (Harrell) Pierce of Byron.

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